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Any advice for a new f.lawnchair?


Get used to using BBQ and spriggan. When things get in close, those two skills will be life or death for you.


Where should i go from here? not sure if i should go for gracia or echon set.


Get echon, but also farm hells whenever you can. Also make sure your swap set is good to go.


I believe im missing just sea gods? https://i.imgur.com/pKiaHXF.png


shoud i get 6pc echon on my right side and go for ele damage? im not sure how i should progress at this point.


Sadly, I still didn’t get swap information up in the first post, so I’ll tell you here. The goal is to have Captain Trooper’s Super Cannon and +10 to Eagle Eye with as few pieces of gear as possible. I’m pretty sure strongest possible setting (in DFOG) for that right now is:

  • Captain Trooper’s Super Cannon (additive +10% to EE before multipliers)
  • Nine tainted dimensional gear pieces (*1.2186 multiplier on EE’s value)
  • +3, Sweet Dreamer title (level 25-30 or 30-35 with EE +2)
  • +2, Magic Cataclysm*
  • +1, avatar top
  • +3, three platinum emblems (top, bottom, unique motion aura)
  • +1, creature (various including Petit Stormtrooper)

*The slightly weaker alternatives are Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth or War God top. It’s only weaker because instead of having both top and bottom for 3% boosts among your boosts from tainted, you only have the bottom.

This brings you from Eagle Eye [10] which is 35% subweapon skill damage to a boosted level 20 value of 79.21%. I don’t know the full extent of your EE setup right now, but if you are still working on getting to +10, you’ll definitely need Sea God bottom for sure. Just be sure to replace top and bottom first if you get more gear for this since their tainted boosts are higher than the rest.

Based on what you’ve shown, I would do:

Millennium War Hero Resist
Radiant Golden Armor Boots
Destruction War/Echon 6 (bottom, shoulder, belt, necklace, ring, magic stone)
Pyromancer’s Torture Bracelet/Great Glory Bracelet
Dusky West Hat

The objective is to have a good mix of solid modifiers along with Echon’s set effect. Pyromancer does give attack damage, but it’s only if the status effect applies, so it’s not as reliable as Great Glory Bracelet. You would go with fire/all elemental damage on your Echon pieces as well as critical rate until you reach 97%.

The titles from this package (I assume that’s what you have) really offer nothing for battle, so you want to replace that eventually when you’re able to. I don’t know what creature or other gear you have, so that’s as much as I can say for now.


do launchers go for any epic set in particular or do we just mix and match epic pieces?


I mean. There is next to nothing you can do to aim for any one specific epic, so you just wear what Temporal Rifts give you.

That said, sets you SHOULDN’T keep are Mana Burn and Elemental Dropper, as they are shitty for phys classes. Don’t diss their individual pieces if you have nothing better to replace them with though, ele dropper pieces are pretty nice.

Aside from that, every other set has its merits, and you’ll be mixing and matching them for a long time until you complete any one of them.


got a few new epics (shoulder/tops as usual :roll_eyes:),what should i do now?


I’m just rocking a Frankenstein setup right now so that i can far hell mode thanks to Epic Road glitch.
Also I feel like i should trade in Gatling for Laser Rifle since Dual Triggers is a thing now.


The setup I suggested is still your best bet. It is possible to adjust around incorporating both Contamination Pauldrons and Rose Hair Belt into the build for synergy with Pyromancer’s Torture Bracelet, but it’s too situational and has no guarantee of being stronger.

The issue with Laser Rifle is that you need to still need to overcharge for now it to get the real power and even if you do, it’s still weaker than Gatling Gun at the moment. This setting you’re using is really weird (what do those chronicle pieces even do…?), but if it works… sure? I had no issue with hell mode in Sudden Annihilation 6. Pioneer Auto Bottom and Cyan Hoop Armlet are the only things there really worth using, but I don’t know your other options.


Hey, I’ve been out of the game for a while and I’m not sure whether I should go Gracia or Dusky with my current setup before farming for Echons. EE swap is at +7 without plat emblems and a title. Also have 4k DC that I’m not sure whether I should use for hells, plat emblems or just sell. Cheers in advance.


Welcome back. Replace those 6 chronicle pieces with Wild Romanticist (Dusky). What you do with the DCs is really up to you. Personally, I have always sold mine; there’s really no wrong answer when it comes to that.


Alright sweet. I also have these epics, what combination of these along with what I have equipped would I use with the Dusky set?



Replace Flame Hulk’s Tear with Bismuth Stone and wear the other epics you already have on.


I finally got around to adding information about Eagle Eye swap gear to the first post. Regarding the patch, I may have a more detailed breakdown available later. Gatling Gun got completely crushed since its damage went way down, the bullets aren’t bigger anymore, and you don’t get the extra 10 shots either. Flamethrower and Pampero Booster also lost damage from the way AJ Reinforcement Part was changed, but they at least had their damage increased a bit instead of nerfed.

Due to the loss of Gatling Gun and Cannonball and Laser Rifle still being terrible, you don’t really have low cooldowns to work with other than Steyr and Flamethrower. AJ changes and other adjustments also mean your channeled skills are shorter too, so you’ll find yourself without anything to do a lot more often now. For general trash clearing, Quantum Bomb will help a bit with efficiently clearing rooms if you weren’t using it yet, but that’s about it. Needless to say, burst-wise Stormtrooper clearly improved. Requirements like Lancer [5] for Lancer SW and Laser Rifle [1] and Charged Laser Rifle (75 SP total) for Quantum Bomb and Extruder (125 SP if you wanted just the latter) are still really annoying though.

I’m really looking forward to Plasma Booster and whatever that new level 75 skill is.


hey, in your opinion since you said both dusty and gracia are good, which one would you recommend for someone that looking to main f.launcher?


Whether or not you main Stormtrooper doesn’t really affect which of the two you should choose. However, as you find epic gear, Wild Romanticist (“Dusky West”) generally allows more flexibility since its accessories are good, whereas Gracia accessories don’t work well for Launchers (or any light to <element> conversion class).


So with the changes to Gatling, making it either useless or a skill dump, what is the new proposed build for F.Launcher? Be it for raids or just clearing dungeons?
I’m currently using Laser Rifle Max, along with the standard F.Launcher stuff (Max flamethrowers and cube skills that isn’t Lv.35 Lancer or Extruder), as Steyr as my skill dump.