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You want max level (skill level +10 after master rank) and as many Tainted Dimensional gear pieces you can fit.

Eagle Eye

  • Captain Trooper’s Super Cannon (additive): 10%

  • Tainted Dimensional gear (multiplicative with itself)
    Weapon: 6%
    Top, bottom: 3%
    All other slots: 2%

  • Skill level+ (not everything)
    Skill +3: Sweet Dreamer title, Welcome to Hell title
    Skill +2: Magic Cataclysm, Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth, War God top
    Skill +1: High Tech Gunslinger Ring, Halidom: Chain Mail of Kers (level 55 top), King’s Book of Secrets: Demolitionist, Quartz Spirit, Behemoth creature, Petit Stormtrooper, other limited edition creatures

  • Values
    Eagle Eye [10]: 35% heavy firearm attack
    Eagle Eye [20]: 55% (2% added per level)
    …/with Super Cannon: 65% (10% added)
    …/with Super Cannon and 9 optimal tainted dimensional pieces: 79.21%

    • 79.21% = (.55 + .1) * (1+.03)^2 * (1+.02)^7
  • Splintershell chronicle set?
    Not that useful for damage because its attack increase is additive and not that high. As shown above, tainted dimensional gear effectively gives 14.21% which is higher than the 11% Spintershell can give. The hit rate is potentially useful on very high ranks ancient dungeons and Otherverse due the high evasion the mobs have. It’s probably better with Heavy Cannon Dydaroth, but I don’t have one to test it with.


I guess female launcher is dead :frowning: was going to ask what legendary set would work on her best gracia or dusky


Stormtrooper isn’t dead; once I get topic control, I’ll get some information up in the first post.

Both Gracia Family Heirloom and Wild Romanticist are good. What you plan on using in your other slots can affect your decision somewhat. Aside from scaling better with Saint/Seraphim, Gracia has Light of Divinity from top and bottom which is very convenient on Launchers since we hate being interrupted. Wild Romanticist offers a lot of speed, critical rate +10% from the top or bottom, and critical damage if you get the sub-equipment.

Our builds really haven’t changed much aside from Quantum Bomb being made relevant with Dual Triggers. I’ll need to record new skill values for more insight. Cannonball and Laser Rifle are still bad. Pampero Booster still has the issue of not being fire nor light damage, so its growth potential is limited despite having good base damage. If you’re having specific build issues, just post what you have for guidance.


I’m currently running SA6 + Lib. Hand Cannon and I feel like I lack major damage, flame pillar, etc. don’t do as much damage as I expected compared to Quantum Bomb and Lancer I don’t know if it is just me.
P/s: Since Dual Trigger make Light = Fire, and Flame Pillar are Fire base skill, how Gracia set effect gonna work?


Here’s a general perspective of the damage our skills do now at level 90 with all buffs and passives applied:

Sudden Annihilation’s damage increases in practice are Gatling Gun +25%, Flamethrower +137.2%, Hellfire (Flame Pillar) +67.64%. Assuming their upgrade levels are the same, the latter two should easily be doing more damage than Quantum Bomb and Lancer.

Like any other chronicle set, the main limitation is how it only boosts specific skills rather than giving you a general damage increase. With Gracia, you goal is to stack light damage (meaning your accessories should be enchanted with this too) so Dual Triggers will make your fire damage match it. Because of this, the Gracia accessories are undesirable because they give no light damage and reduce light resistance instead.

For skills that cannot inflict light damage, you will still get the additional light damage and it still scales off your light damage and the target’s light resistance.


So for Gracia 6p armor + sub is desirable, and the proc is scale of light, more light=more damage on proc and fire, does that mean Flame Pillar can deal dual ele damage?
P/s: Dusky 6p give 17% attack how that 17% applies to flauncher? And in comparison would the Dusky set more beneficial/damage than Gracia?


Gracia Family Heirloom (armor, sub-equipment)

  • Light damage +96-129
    • Dual Triggers will bring your fire damage up to match it. You will need to use light or all elemental damage enchants on your accessories instead of fire.
  • 50% chance to cast Light of Divinity when attacked (top and bottom. cooldown: 40s each).
  • STR, INT +50-290
  • Attack with a 10% to cast a light explosion (cooldown: .5s).
  • Attack with a 10% to cast a light explosion (cooldown: 1s).
    • Light damage will indeed increase the damage these do. Aside from that, I don’t know of anything else relevant to Stormtrooper that will help since these inflict magical damage.
  • Additional light damage +6%
    • Scales up to 17% if the difference between your light damage and the target’s light resistance is 407.

Wild Romanticist (armor, sub-equipment)

  • Physical/magical attack +275, independent attack +415 (armor)
    • Powerful, but does not scale with Saint/Seraphim or the future reinforcement patch as well as Gracia’s light damage. At that time, the accessories from this set are more valuable.
  • Physical/magical critical rate +10% (top or bottom)
  • Attack/movement speed +15-20%, casting speed +18-24%
  • Level 48 skill +2, level 50 skill +3
  • Critical damage +8%
  • STR, INT +100
  • Additional damage +17% (5%, 12%)

Hellfire is exclusively fire damage no matter what you do. With Gracia, it will still get the additional light damage like I said. Additional <element> damage is just another form of additional damage; it doesn’t require the attack to match its element nor does it modify elements on skills that don’t match it.

Romanticist’s 17% additional damage works on Stormtrooper the same way it would on any other class. The main benefits to the set are the speed, critical rate, strong accessories (more compatible for us than Gracia’s), and critical damage. Thus, it’s generally compatible assuming you’re willing to pick up new quest legendary pieces whenever an epic breaks your current 6-set.


Hmm, if I get 6p Gracia (armor+sub) and 3p Dusky (acc.), how optimal would that be? What about 3p Great Glory (acc.) because the GG bracelet is pretty good


I just want to know what Storm Bringers build nowadays because I have no clue what to raise anymore. I’m pretty much forced to use styer because I have a boom & boom.


You could alternatively do Romanticist 3 (top/bottom, necklace, ring), Gracia 6 (4 armor, sub-equipment, magic stone). There’s the downside of using a magic stone with less immediate power than stuff like Brilliant <element> Mix Stone, Bright Energy Magic Stone, and Light Runestone, but this would keep the bracelet slot free for Great Glory Bracelet (I’m guessing you lack attack damage otherwise. It also gives critical rate +2%) and gives you critical rate +10% from Dusky West top or bottom.

Pre-Echon, this is about the best you can do unless you’re willing to grind for the Gigantic Presence set from Anton. Also, due to the high amount of additional damage, it’s possible that Grinding Overfield is stronger in this setup (moreso after reinforcement rework), but since you already have a Liberation Hand Cannon, I wouldn’t worry about it.

What weapon alternatives do you have? If you’re talking about skills, Steyr is a good skill anyway; the only requirement in your case is to keep Steyr Upgrade maxed. Gear-wise, I feel that using a quest legendary set is likely to give you better results than chronicle at this point. You could keep Saturation Bomb 3 in your accessories until you have a better weapon.


Honestly before i found B&B I was using the Neo Premium weapon. I haven’t touched my storm bringer in a long time so I’m still using OV pieces.

Is there anything I could change with this because i want to fit in quantum and extruder.


Oh no, sorry for not making it clear, I want to use 6p Gracia (armor+sub) and Unique Magic Stone (Bright Energy, etc.), I just want to know if 3p GG acc. or 3p Dusky acc. would be better as DPS acc… :slight_smile:


Aside from Steyr (due to Boom & Boom) and your passives, none of these skills need to be overmaxed (past cap level via Tactician’s). Lancer SW only requires Lancer [5], so you can reduce that as well (really wish the requisite was just level 1). Quantum Bomb and Extruder both have the highest SP costs, so fitting both may be very difficult. You may need to drop 2 skills. Pampero Booster would be the first choice for many.



Now that I’m a cool launcher with ebins and stuff, I might as well pitch in if build is still an issue. Drop Lancer to 5, remove TP if you have it since it doesn’t affect Lancer SW (Psycho K can correct me if I’m wrong). Lower Arctic Booster to 1 until you’re done with everything else. Max either Quantum Bomb or Extruder, I personally prefer QB. The rest is up to you. I max out Gatling and dump remaining points into Arctic, leaving 1 level in Extruder for utility. You may choose to spec into whichever skill you didn’t max.

Also, what is this, a Necromancer thread? We need more noise here~


With the event giving out legendary/legendary materials, what pieces should a FLauncher go for?


I believe you’re the same person who asked on Reddit about this? The message is one for one. Guess it won’t hurt to post it here too, though.

Gracia or Dusky, either or. Gracia is slightly more damage, Dusky has movement speed and is more flexible by not having ele attached to it. Armor and sub equip usually, but if you have epics, work around those. Also, just in case, make sure you have Dual Trigger leveled up, so you get fire damage from Gracia if you’re taking it.


Have you guys seen the new skills? What do you guys think? Plasma Booster looks cool, but I’m a bit sad with the loss of the long freeze Arctic Booster had. FSC-7 isn’t as cool, but a brand new damage skill is very much welcome.


Plasma cannon will probably be able to hold more stuff compared to ice thrower but the loss of freeze can still hurt


@Psycho_K where should I dump the rest of my skill point and are there anything I should change for best damage output?


I’m not Psycho K but I’m sure I can be of help too. You’re pretty much using the same build as I do. You can dump points into Arctic Booster, it increases the freeze duration per level. It’s pretty neat utility even if it breaks from our own damage imo. If you’re concerned about damage, you’ll probably want to drop Gatling and possibly M-3 Flamethrower (not sure about how much SP you’ll need) to max Extruder. It deals a lot of damage, even if it’s too clunky for me to use. Don’t forget to play around with TP if you do that. Arctic Booster itself is also an option, it doesn’t scale off light or fire, but it still has fairly nice base damage.