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Grappler buffs on DFOG when?


When they fix the lag. /s


So how is everyone enjoying the new content that is luke raid?


Loving it, particularly how much more generous the hold times are than I was expecting. With the exception of Iron Beast and to an extent Nerbe. They can jump off a cliff.


It’s as fun as when anton raid came out, which is great.
Kinda weird how the berserk bar doesn’t show but activating luke’s antihold takes a pretty lengthy hold chain so it doesn’t seem to matter too much.
Nerbe is lame but you just gotta wait till he becomes ungrabbable to use your grab cannons on him and everything’s peachy.


During Luke Normals, I have noticed that the berserk meter sometimes randomly goes down without explanation, and is pretty frequent with Luke. An exception is when Nerbe enters his vulnerability phase.


I could be wrong but I think that happens if you use a single hold for a long period of time. After three or so notches of a hold, it’ll go down one notch. Two ways we can do this that I know of are using Twister for the full length, and chaining a long hold like Fling after using Torb.


hi! i’m looking for a guide for the female grappler and also which weapon should i use for swapping the op gauntlet or iron arms kalbarri.

i got lvl 14 on the buff before adding the weapon right now.