Female Crusader General


Near-Guaranteed Entry is:

  1. 4k stat on Valor set
  2. A crux set
  3. Reset Ring

Basically, from that SS, all you really need is Ring if you don’t have it. It’s not actually required to run, but your parties may reject you if you don’t have it available.


Thanks a lot! Would it be worth crafting reset ring in particular?


imo at this point in time no, We already know its gonna get nerfed, and based on your items, you still have alot of helling to do, I crafted mine before they nerfed it in korea and kinda regret it now, but at the same time, if you have the frags and dont mind dumping 50+ leg souls right now, its worth it for some months to a year.


Even when they nerf Throw Mastery, Sader gameplay is going to center around resetting. You’ll just be spamming the launcher skill unless you have enough CDR gear to lower Crux to watch reset it.


Is the 4k stat town or applied?


Hi, I’m considering making & maining f.sader with this whole Origins patch etc. What is their function in Raids? I know that they are buffing machines in groups, but do they also output decent DPS when solo?


It’s a totally arbitrary figure. Raid leaders would be looking at your town stat and judge off that.

In raid groups, they’re a sader that’s also able to hold.

Role is raising party damage by a large multiple, preventing them from dying, and also holding in a pinch.

Fsader can do enough damage to solo most content that’s convenient to do solo (up to and including Duo Sell Anton Raid), it just takes more investment than other characters.


What’s a good crux level for Luke, anyway? I’ve only got 18.


18 is fine


whats a basic build layout. little confused on what to get and what ot leave at 1


Has anyone figured out the buff swap system for f.saders? Depending on what i put on or put in the buff window i can have +18 valor and 3.4k int (in town) but buff icon in dungeon says 3.2k. Or can swap things around and get +16 valor and get more int… lol

The level difference is confusing as well… I have magic cata and when i equip it thats when i get the +16… but if i put it on the buff window and use defense receiver guards in my equip slot it goes to +18 valor…


It is a literal equipment override for that slot. If you assign a piece of gear for that slot, it will calculate the buff considering you had whatever was equipped in the left slot (if it exists) instead of whatever you were equipping beforehand.

You cannot arrange it so that Valor Blessing gets both the skill levels of Magic Cataclysm while also getting the INT bonus of Defense Receiver Guard.

Metal Line auras also have the same principle. if I wear Metal Line Greaves on my main armor set, the game will still use Melt Down Sabatons in order to calculate Valor Blessing instead because that is my override. You can get bonuses towards Valor Blessing by party members having Metal Line pieces equipped when you buff, but NOT yourself wearing the aura item with an override.


So a level of Valor Blessing is worth 125 or something int, varying based on how many levels you already have, from what I understand.

How much int is +1 CRUX worth?


Yo what the fuck is up with Miracle Shine? I can be standing literally in front of a mob and the move whiffs. It’s not frame drops either. Surprised they didn’t copy and paste Chain Lightnings code for the move.


It’s just a weird skill


If I upgrade the 7sins top, will that alone be better than the +2 VB top?


What would 4man Luke sell requirements be for fsader cuz im looking to get into one I’m currently 5k Int 22 VB with 7sins top upgraded savior and 20 Crux with reset ring


Realistic answer:
However strong your DPS partner needs you to be. I’ve seen seraphs with similar stats to yours sell relatively easily. But there have also been cases where stronger seraphs have struggled. Just depends on you and the DPS you’re selling with.

Arbitrary answer:
I started 4 man selling on my F sader when she was about 5K/23/21 so I’d consider that to be a fair entry point. Bottom line is I think you’re good enough as long as your DPS is competent.


Selling on Crusader depends entirely on what dealer you’re working with, and what they need.

Getting some shred gear like Destruction to use after you’ve applied Crux helps, as well.


Question… I have a +7 refine Impending Punishment but I just got toerua and from my understanding it’s a good battle cross but… is it worth trying to refine at this point?