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Here’s the Seraphim Calculator if no one has it yet.


Anyone have suggestions for echon gear on my seraph with my current gear?


So +1 Valor is about 180 INT?


That sounds way too high.

its more like 125.


It was from a reddit post when fsader came out. Someone said +1 Valor is about 180 INT. And i did some messing around and High Tech Saint Ring beat Emperor Borodin Armor ring.


Hey, im new to seraph and im just wondering what level VB is considered end game or the best and the how to get it past 20. thanks


You really want to get your valor as high as possible without sacrificing too much int.

For levels, halidom and recon/terra weapons will be good until you can get through the ToD and open a cross pot. You have a 3/4 chance of getting a valor cross iirc. (Terra cross makes for a superb pre epic battle weapon BTW)

Lvl 55(or was it 50?) legacy/halidom plate top, Sea god pants, High Tech Priest ring, kings(or was it emperors?) secret book pink sub equip or a quartz from the forgotten lands, clone/rare avatar top, emblems (stupid expensive), pet, title, and then eventually epics.

For int, just get any high int gear that won’t take up your valor lvl slots.

You’ll be able to get into Anton raid easy enough with great glory pieces (for the int) and a few extra lvls of valor. Anton raid will be your primary source of DI to run hell mode with until you finally end up geared.

Scroll up to my earlier post if you want to see a screenshot of what my Seraph is currently running (items at the bottom of her inventory are the valor swaps).


The current ideal VB level is around 20, I used to sell pure levels too, but I think that after a point levels start to fall off, I just compare 1 level to around 125 stat, so if you can get 50 int pants with +1, vs 150 int pants, the +1 might just be better.

Outside of epics, it hardly matters, I think the goal for anton if you wanna min max with low budget options is getting 15 VB, then just stacking int.


KR wiki says the “approximate calculation” is +1 VB = Applied Int / 25. It’s not fully accurate but it’s a quick way to guesstimate without having to play with the calculator for a while. (Pretty sure that calculation is too generous towards +1 VB after running numbers through the calculator and doing my own tests).

Anyways the value of +1 VB goes up with more INT, and the value of more INT goes up with more levels in VB. You really just want as much of both as you can get.

That said it’s hard to get so much INT in a slot that can get +1 VB that you actually have to make a choice. The only notable non-epic choices are:

  • Sea God’s vs. Great Glory for pants. GG is ahead until you get up to like ~4.5k applied and then Sea God’s pulls ahead. tbh Sea God’s is probably just straight up better anyways since it gives +1 to some nice utility stuff and eventually outscales GG pants.
  • High Tech Ring vs. Borodin’s or Kill Joe’s. Kill Joe’s > High Tech > Borodin’s until some very high break point.
  • Heart of Phantasmic Captain vs. Vain Necklace. Captain wins at all times basically, but you still want Vain for optimal Crux swaps and Captain costs like 400x as much as Vain.

Haven’t really checked to see if 7 Sins changes things in either direction but once you have 3pc it’s not like you have that many slots left where you can actually make a choice so whatever.


Even at 20 VB and 5.1k applied Int with GG pants, SG pants barely win. Like not even 5 Int difference. So I don’t think 4.5k applied is your breakpoint.


Maybe my phrasing wasn’t clear, I meant GG pants are better until you have 4.5k int with SG pants equipped (~4.6k with GG pants), which is where they are about even, and then SG pants start pulling ahead bit by bit as you add more int.
SG pants give +1 to Revelation: Aria which is good for ~+9-11 applied INT depending on how much of it you have so they are a bit better than they look. Not a huge change but it does affect when you start seeing even-to-better performance with SG vs. GG.

The difference isn’t huge but it’s generally easier to get more INT than it is to get more skill levels so imo it’s better to just use Sea God’s when starting out, it hardly matters for anything pre-Luke-raid anyways.


Well you did say “4.5k applied” lol
But yeah, around 4.5-6k town int is right


I have 5k applied in GG pants and 4.8k in seagods

I lose quite a bit of magical attack swapping to seagods (21->22)

And gain like 2-3 int/str, same weapon attack, and lose around 7-8 magic attack

its “Almost equal” but not quite. I feel id need quite a bit more for seagods to start beating GG, but like stated for anton meta it hardly matters.

But more int gets you into parties cause no1 looks at valor levels.


so I finally managed to get savior cross drop from anton today, but I’m not sure if buff wise its better than my deep rooted cross.


Vs jupiter, (DRC only has 1 less valor level luckily) Savior is trash. Savior requires the charge to even compete, but getting charge on fsader requires you have the helper that makes you not lose charge,

Upgraded savior however, is jupiter + savior in one cross, so just hold on to it till you can upgrade it, then you are free from DRC, till then DRC is going to much better outside of MAYBE a %phys party, but you lose alot of str…


skill point distribution for fseraph?


That depends. What are you looking for? Battle setup? Full support setup? A mix of both?


Can you explain Full support plz


What are the gear requirements for luke raid pubs?
My current setup:

Valor Blessing currently at lvl 22 (+12 lvls). I do have a Metal Line top that I can swap out for my halidom top, but I’m not too sure where to go from here.