Female Brawler General


F. Brawlers have some difficulty with gearing, but in general you have a few more options for gear choice than other classes. In consideration for end-game, F. Brawlers can take on a support-like role with their stuns, holds, and Heaven’t Net to offset a lack of gear.
My F. Brawler is decently geared, but I am nowhere close to being as geared as some of the other people here, so I’ll defer to their opinions when it comes to end game damage. They have been discussing it for a while now and you can look back through this thread to get an idea of where F. Brawlers stand.

If it’s your first character ever, yes, F. Brawlers are a bad first class. Though this is the case for nearly every other subclass, so it’s not much of an issue. F. Brawlers don’t really have any room-clearing skills until after 1st awakening, but again that’s kind of the case for many other subclasses.

Early on, you’ll realize that Sand Splash is stupidly strong, and it stays stupidly strong all the way until Power Station (level 85). I highly recommend maxing it as you level, but just know that it falls off very quickly after 85.


theres a lot of discussion in here mostly about gearing… as en example, you can take a look at this post i made previously: Female Brawler General

all of those sets are very strong on other classes but you can see there are MASSIVE difference between some of them. it makes gearing a female brawler more… selective. does that mean its a bad class to start with? not really… any dps or sub-dps is expected to deal damage to some extent. there are a few exceptions (like khai-slave female nen) but, for the most part, all of those classes ‘synergy support’ abilities are getting nerfed in a couple weeks so dont worry about that side. if you are looking for a ‘low spec do nothing and get carried kind’ of thing… thats pretty much ONLY going to be a crusader after the next big patch.

as far as the leveling experience goes… i feel like female brawler is one of the better female fighters, but its nowhere near as ‘powerfu or fastl’ as asura or lightbringer… brawlers have reasonably high base damage and moderate area damage but not a lot of full screen wipes like some other classes get. id say… in general though, (any class) leveling isnt a problem anyways if you have neo premium rental weapons.


Well, so far the leveling experience has been going from Nice to Painful, but its fairly fun. Friend gifted me a Dragon Force pack, from what i’ve read the Aura should be fairly decent for FBrawler? Also, one thing i dont quite grasp is why Apply Poison is a toggleable. I can’t turn it on by default but have accidentally turned it off mid-dun a few times now, lol. Is there ever any reason to Re-apply Poison mid-dun?


Incase you mess up a buff swap, probably.


Savior’s Triumph > Savior’s Glory > Black Moon Wolf > Demon Rake: Ignore?


BMW is generally better than non upgraded savior… but being that refining is a horrible experience, you’re better off sticking with savior… if you have the choice between the 2.

and since its coming in the new patch… the crafted claw is probably better than BMW, but it mostly depends on the rest of your gear. that said, the whole crafting system looks absolutely horrendous… way too much $$ and grinding for mats.


showing off the effects of patch buffs and also going from 640% swap to 700% swap with new holocaust change.

all skills are conducted individually with net pre-casted and waiting for the poison to tick off… against our BFF 105 ferman in counter state. also 0 doping effects.

damage chart before patch:

damage chart after patch

i will note im that i may have missed a mine in the test before patch but theres no way of knowing now… im a bit skeptical that the 640-700% swap increased venom mine damage by 10% when there was no other direct buffs to the skill.

conclusions –

  • ground kick is hella buff now
  • block bomb getting up in the ranks as well
  • mount and poison hook both have the abnormal bonus missing because i tested specifically with only net active… both skills should be about 33% stronger because i only had 1 abnormal effect active instead of 3. unfortunately that is the only way to get a read on the damage of the skill otherwise the poison damage from whatever other skill bleeds into it.
  • that said, mount is still pretty garbage aside from holding becky in place so she doesnt jump into the sky… which can be done with minimal SP investment.
  • still missing viper tunnel… expect it 2-3 months from now i guess.


What should a lv. 90 fbrawl build look like for her skills? I’m having to reset all of my characters of course, but it seems like I should just drop mount and max everything from stinger/double throw downward with dumping the rest into brick buster after all of the major skills are maxed.


Is explosive hook good?
What set is best used to farm echon?
What stats on Econ do Brawlers get?
What set brawlers use for Anton raid w/o epic after origin?
How does poison level +1 compare to Apply Poison +1?
SoD or halidom top?


So for the swap weapon do you use Blood of the holocaust (massacre) now, instead of the centipede maw in the new swap system weapon slot?


Explosive Hook is okay. It should at least be level 10 for the TP skill, but beyond that it’s user preference once all the other main skills have been leveled accordingly.

SoD top always unless you have a Tarantula Top or some epic armor set worth equipping.

As for what equipment setup I’d recommend for Anton Raid and Echon farming till you get better equipment:

  • 5pc SoD (Top, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring, and Magic Stone)
  • 3pc Great Glory (Shoulder, Belt, and Shoes)
  • 1pc Sea God (Bottom)
  • +10/+8 Terra: Reconstruction Claw
  • Any cheap elemental damage (preferably water in this case) or stat title you can pick up.
  • Ancient Shaman’s Thorn Decoration
  • Any cheap earrings you can get. Echon earrings being your best overall option.

Make sure you pick up a decent swap set prior to as well.

  • Blood of Massacre (ideal) or Centipede’s Maw (generally much cheaper, like 2~3.5m, but they’re stupidly expensive at the time of this post)
  • 6pc Mad Dog Hooligan (Belt, Shoes, Bracelet, Necklace, Sub-Equip, and Magic Stone)
  • Sea God Bottom (already equipped with the above setup)
  • Level 55 Heavy Armor Halidom Top
  • High Tech Fighter Ring
  • Red/Green Apply Poison Tainted Chron Shoulder
  • Apply Poison via Clone/Rare Avatar Top

Any other Apply Poison bonuses on top of this are nice, but can be held off if you want to keep things relatively cheap.

For individual Echon equipment bonuses, Elemental Damage > STR/INT > Crit Chance (unless you have enough already).

For Echon set bonuses, see this chart. The 6pc Echon set options are listed in order of what I’d recommend.

I don’t immediately recall the estimated amount of damage a single poison level would provide, but Apply Poison +1 would beat that unless you’re already at level 20 Apply Poison.

Centipede’s Maw is still fine to use. Blood of Massacre (as it is now called) is basically 3.5 levels of Apply Poison that don’t count to Apply Poison’s level 20 cap. There is not enough of a difference between the two to justify purchasing a Blood of Massacre till you can get above level 17 Apply Poison without Centipede’s Maw.


Do I still get the poison buff effects of Blood of Massacre if I put it in the weapon slot in the new buff system, or do I have to wear it, buff, and swap manually to my real weapon to get the effects?


You just put it into your swap buff window’s weapon slot. Its effects on Apply Poison will apply like any of the other swap buff equipment registered.


KDF patch changes

Abnormal status levels and resist no longer exist

  • Status dmg scale off magic% or phys% depending on class
  • Status dmg benefit from smash / elenore / crit
  • Bonus status dmg% from weapon refine levels removed

What happened to fsf after patch

  • Holds are now holds instead of stun
  • Party damage amp moved from Net to Taunt
  • Party damage amp decreased from +30% to +25%
  • Poison is 40% of damage instead of 60%
  • Overall damage decreased by 20% per skill