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Viper Tunnel you say


So, I just did a bunch of tests involving Magic Defense reductions with a friend of mine on his Mistress, and I found out that -mdef does literally fucking nothing for FBrawl’s status damage.

Is that really the case, or did we mess up with testing? I was so sure that it affected our poison damage.


i was able to see the difference with spider queen shred procs (using pieces that were not the top) when i initially tested a long time ago… im not sure why it would have changed.

just re-tested it… it still does work. i dont know how much defense ferman has, but -36k defense seemed to be about a 15% status damage increase.


SQ = def, Misstress = mdef


I see. So I would need to reduce both defenses to have any effect at all? My conversion was set to magic.

Could someone test that with ele dropper in some way?

Edit: To clarify, I was testing the poison damage with Poison Mist, without exploding it, so it’d do no strike damage at all.


Poison is poison. Conversion only affects strike dmg of certain skills. Poison dmg probably only reduced by def. Not like we know which crit poison is affected by either since brawler passive equalizes it to the highest crit available.


tested with ele dropper… full details in video.

results are somewhat unclear. numbers dont come out cleanly one way or the other. would be much easier to confirm the effects if i had friends… if there are any other scientists out there, feel free to whisper me in game.

an interesting note for the ele dropper set is that ive read the set effect is actually halved to 10% defense reduction (the half effect applies to any item auras for whatever reason). added to that, in necrofancy’s old post on status damage (Abnormal Status Damage Testing), he notes that:

so if we ignore tog and treat him as a special case. there may be some deeper interaction here where status damage scales off of both physical AND magical defense reduction (just like it scales from both strength AND intellect).



Well then! Thank you for the testing, water. Seems like you need to reduce both physical and magical defenses to get the full value.


Also with lazy calculation I’m estimating that the difference between luke cloth and heavy set to only be somewhere around cloth +13.5% better xx and heavy +5% better everything else.


The difference between naja and cloth is minor now. Well speaking after the changes to the sets.

Look at the 4th column and 6th column for naja and gesh.


Does this include poison damage or are these just taken from generic skills


Yes, I don’t get why would you leave out the most important part about brawler lol.


i think more directly hes asking if this is a chart specific to f brawler because its really unclear what all these moon runes represent without any kind of context/translation


Yes this is fbrawler.


It’s hard for people who can’t read korean to tell. Even worse with the fact that the skill names are shorts for skill and not the full korean skill name.


just going to post a discussion about gearing for anyone curious…

+10 sensory satisfaction set is about 20% stronger than sky traveler/ice princess (both accessory sets are roughly the same powerlevel) when comparing in a ceremony crow setup (with petit brawler pet). results may vary with other sets…the gap would widen with +12 sensory set (which is roughly 5-6% stronger than +10 sensory set). im sure the gap is much larger for classes not brawler, but thats just part of the power creep our class is handicapped with because sensory set is STILL by far the best accessory setup even if it is mostly striking stats.

the +1 snake stance from petit brawler pet is worth roughly 4%~ish damage which accounts for the largest overall gain for a pet even if you have crit damage on your gear elsewhere. ive tried many other pets (including behemoth) and they dont really come close. the elemental battleroid (+15 element) may provide competition in the pet slot with a fully upgraded loadout (gespenst or naga ++ heblon) where elemental damage is very scarce. until then, that petit friend is definitely the best pet slot regardless of crit damage in your gear.

incase it was ever unlcear for avatar options, snake stance is the best option for top and taunt platinums are your best active emblems. it should be noted however… if you dont have a method of getting +1 double throw in your active gear (the buff is LIVE, not swappable) either through belt enchant or title or whatever means, that is also a great option for one of your platinum emblems – specifically for a build using venom mines as it will add an additional mine and venom mines are actually one of our strongest nukes (the extra mine is worth about 15% more damage to the skill, so it is significant)

as per the taunt emblems specifically… together they account for about 2.5% of my overall damage. that is with rank 13 taunt and rank 7 snake stance and an infector (totaling -244 status tolerance). this stays fairly static unless you are partied with a bender because nobody else reduces status tolerance… unfortunately with a bender thats going to reduce the effectiveness of these emblems significantly. SO – if you are questioning IS IT WORTH INVESTING IN ADDITIONAL AVATARS TO SWAP OUT OF? probably not… id say moreso if you have a lot of money and would prefer a guaranteed return as opposed to gambling on higher amps.

also incase that was unclear… that makes unique motion aura or the dragon spirit aura with taunt platinum a TERRIBLE choice over arthur glory or the standard dragon auras available currently. the elemental damage/crit/stats FAR outweigh the value of -8 status tolerance.

that in mind an argument can be made that ground kick or venom mine emblems are more effective because they would increase the damage of either roughly 3-4% per emblem but i personally believe other skills (and even your basic x string) is more important…

ive already made mention of it previously but ill just add to it. IS IT WORTH REINFORCING MY WEAPON TO +11 OR +12??? well, roughly half of the damage is status… and beyond that, half of your striking damage is fixed, so its not impacting very much. BUT, going from +10 to +12 increases your damage of explosive poison (our best nuke) by about 2% (can look above in past posts for the screenshots). IS THAT WORTH IT? probably not… keep in mind, with a crusader in the party, the weapon reinforcement has even less effectiveness…

as for guild insignia… the only stat that definitely matters is having your main stat (whether that be intellect or stregnth). the choice between phys/magic attack or independent attack is insignificant because half of our damage is status and we are mixed on the striking side. BUT i would personally opt for independent attack because +20 attack is really just peanuts compared to weapon reinforcement anyways.

on the topic of main stat… most folks would recommend INTELLECT because of the soul bender synergy… and with a soul bender in the party, you should then have a SPIRIT crusader. but we now have seraphs, and also soul bender synergy is getting nerfed very soon… SO truthfully it doesnt matter. as long as you stick to one side. i will note that elemental dropper is a VERY GOOD lvl 85 epic set that has 0 strength. crow ceremony and gespenst are also favoring intellect. the flip side of that is that nagaraja (and claws) favor strength. IF YOU WANT TO MIN/MAX, then you should favor intellect if your end goal is gespenst and strength if your end goal is nagaraja.

just as a quick note, you can change your damage type (physical or magical conversion) at any time to deal with gimmicks in luke (anti magic system, superalloy system, oblvious aslan) and your main stat has no bearing on the amount of damage done. to be more clear… an intellect build will do the same damage with physical or magic conversion (as long as there are no specific defense shreds such as elemental dropper aura). for that reason, try to swap your conversion to whatever fits your party (if you have a vampire lord in the party, go physical… if you have asura in the party, go magical).

also you are not obligated to pair strength with physical crit or int with magical crit. because of overstrain, all that matters is that you pick one side. so you could do an intellect build with physical crit. why would you do this? because the shoulder enchant for physical is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper (10 mil vs 60 mil) and also claws have an innate 3% physical crit. the only drawback is that an intellect build would be unable to use hybrid emblems (int + magical crit) which provide more overall intellect. BUT due to the 3% phsyical crit on claw, its like you get a free emblem slot anyways…

i suppose thats enough rambling for now…


Thanks for the insight. Seems like I should swap over to Physical Critical once I get something more serious going, though getting to 100% crit rate on FBrawl isn’t exactly hard thanks to Art of Poisons.


forgot to mention… sub-equip enchant that probably got overlooked:

it used to be just spirit/vit but was changed to include str/int sometime when female crusaders were introduced (i think the patch after).

the other option that many people probably got and dont think about it anymore:

the other subeq enchant is essentially just 2% crit because the attacks part doesnt do much for us. where this matters is min/maxing… if you look at avatar emblems as your main source of critical chance dumping grounds (whatever your gear doesnt get you crit capped, you emblem out), then you should value 3% crit as 25 intellect. so then if we view the attacks from the other sub equipment enchant as meaningless for female brawler (as they are), then the enchant with 2% crit really just amounts to roughly 15 int.

this is a lot more meaningful after upgrading an armor set because most of the standard 90 sets are loaded with str/int but most of the upgraded armor sets have very little str/int (except 7 sins). also… the power level of upgraded sets scales much harder with amps for the same reason. elemental damage also follows with that (expensive accessory enchants). that in mind – i alluded to this in previous posts – dont expect miracle results on upgraded sets without amps/enchants. the sets were clearly designed this way to make the amps/enchants far more effective.

and as always… dont forget, this class has terrible scaling issues and thusly poor returns on investment! enjoy!.


Hey fellas, new guy here, kinda hard to find any up2date game info so i thought i’d post here.
So i’ve really been interested in making a FemBrawler, but i’d just like to ask some questions first, like for example is she that hard to gear? It seems this game is pretty minmax and this class even more so. Also if its a bad first char to make due to the previous reason. Maybe some guidelines specific to FemBrawler? Like, what to learn and what to UNlearn asap (buttonmashing muscle-memory comes to mind).