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defense shred auras are reduced by 50%. this is not explained or listed anywhere, its just a thing.

if your goal is to get into anton raid… you’ll just want to have the ability to kill tog without orbs and understand how to hold the bosses. essentially your function is the same as a dark templar but more difficult because dark templar hold CDs are much shorter.

i wouldnt worry too much about trying to be an aura slave. at this point im sure most folks would be happy to take you if it looks like you can deal with tog quickly and they need a holder in the raid.

as for the setup itself – it looks fine, but its hard to recommend a locked-in setup like that because of how strong frankenstein epics can be. as an example conatmination pauldrons pretty much kills the entire SoD set in 1 piece… and if you have 0 epics, chances are pretty good you’ll find something usable… and that will make it awkward to keep around these 85 legendary sets (echon is very good however).

for luke, legendaries dont cut it… although im never quite sure why some folks are irritated by that… the rewards are to upgrade the epics (that you do NOT have if you are in legendaries).


Gotcha. That set was more a “proof of concept” kind of thing but I do definitely agree that getting a full quest legendaries set tends to not be sustainable for very long, since 90 hells are quite good. It’s exactly what happened to my own FBrawl as I started Echon and hells, ending up with a decent set, Manikai, some loose epics, and 3pc SoD.

This would be more for “hey we have a bunch of event boxes, and I wanna make a FBrawl, what do” kinda situations.


Hey i was wondering what i could do to improve my ferman time.
Everything on right side is +10 reinforced and the claw is refine 8. All gear is at least superior grade and in town stats.
Swap gear is 6pc maddog, tainted top, apply poison ava top + top/bottom emblems and behemoth pet.

This is my current best ferman time, but it still seems very slow compared to other Fbrawlers i have seen.
Skill build is all cubes maxed with contract and 10 explosive hook, 1 stinger, and 5 brick buster.
TP is maxed JS, mines, groundkick, net, 1 explosive hook, and maxed basic training.

Does improving my time primarily come down to boosting my int and ele damage or could it be a skill rotation issue?
Anyone know how much of a difference Taunt ava top + emblems makes for overall damage?


i would venture to guess you have no enchants on your gear because i have higher ele damage than you with half of my equipment taken off… notably the pieces that actually have the important element damage enchants on them.

does an extra 70 element matter? yes. yes it does. i would also imagine you dont have gold emblems or good int enchants because i have almost 500 more int than you if i discount my amps entirely. does 500 int matter? yes. yes it does. fortunately you can actually test this in the training room with the handy dandy modifiers… you can specifically dope your character to have more element and/or int to see the difference yourself.

as for your build im sure theres no glaring problems but basic training literally does nothing unless you are choosing to not use snake stance for some reason.

as for dealing damage… make sure you select ferman as shown:

beyond that, stunning matters… it will remove counter damage. so you would want to NOT use block bomb/brick… and save ground kick for after youve dumped all your other skills, but immediately before junk spin (because junk spin also stuns but is better damage than x string)

also typically you should use the following consumables:

some folk also like to swap the summer pet (or i guess the new western pet) but it kind of doesnt help us very much (unfortunately “character damage” doesnt include poison damage… just like the warlords cry potion)

theres also the matter of ‘prepping’ your savior weapon (if you use it) so that you can unleash it as the countdown starts instead of building it up during the ferman fight… same thing for Pars, Babylon, and/or Rosetta (wherever applicable)… proc them before you start the countdown.

some folk also use pel los glory (8% str boost) or ancient elven ring (8% int boost)

basically its a dog and pony show… create the best possible scenario for yourself.

as a final note, your time is indeed really bad. you really should be 10-15 seconds with that equipment. if you are doing most of the above already, then you need to press buttons faster… really cant help you there.


fsf ferm times = getting good at doing xxxx snek resets


damage comparisons as of the latest epic rework patch in korea… for various sets:

as for anyone interested in the luke upgrade sets… i dont know what the difference in amping/enchants/etc is but basically heavy/cloth are very strong (almost same)… with cloth having a stronger 2A (new skill) and slightly faster. dont waste time on other sets. as far as i can tell, it was just standard doping…


I looked up those two Brawlers to see their gear.

The Gespenst Brawler has a +12/8 Savior Claw, +10 Amped Top/Bottom/Belt/Shoulder, +11 Amped Shoes, +11 Amped Senses, +10 amped Babylonian/Heblon Stone.

The Nagaraja Brawler has +12/8 Savior Claw, +10 Amped Armor (which, since it’s Nagaraja is important that it’s not over 10), +10 REINFORCED Senses, +10 Reinforced Earrings, +0 Sub/Mstone.

Those are pretty big differences tbh. Nagaraja should come out on top overall if his top/shoulder were +12 and his senses were at least 11 as well.


if those stats are accurate, the heavy brawler is probably 400~ish int behind (which is probably in the range of 10% damage at his stats… close to 4k int) and also behind on some of the upgrade modifiers… 3% skill, 1% all, 1% attacks, and 2% bonus damage (last 2 dont matter very much)

but you also need to keep in mind that full heblon is a legit upgrade over the infector + baby setup (whereras its more of a sidegrade right now – currently only would feel like a good upgrade during skill attack proc on heblon set)… so the gespenst brawler is behind there… especially because gespenst now has a TON of +status damage now so infector isnt doing wonders like it did previously.

but overall,i think naga is probably in the range of 10% stronger for 48-80 skills, about equal below that (venom mines and ground kick), and much weaker on the oyster.

i feel like both are good upgrades for brawler… and unless you are really dead set on keeping your armor mastery, id stick with whichever you complete first. and definitely stay away from other sets… theres a supercontinent brawler out there crying that his spider queen set is doing more damage LOL.


Believe it or not, the difference in their stats is negligible. I think one had 12 more Main Stat than the other and like 100 more attack, lol.

I, personally, like to stick with armor masteries. So I’m aiming for Nagaraja.


Finished 5/5 Nagaraja yesterday.

Smoke: DFOG - FBrawler Smoke 1:11
Leg: DFOG - FBrawler Leg 1:28
Damage Chart:

Overall this class still seems very weak. 2190 Stat even with armor mastery. No amps, +10 senses, +10 Ele Dmg enchants. Also, Neck Snap seems like it would be insanely useful for stuff like Tog but trying to PvP makes me want to kill myself.


the class has fairly high base damage but really severe scaling issues. the most glaring issue is how many important and common modifiers dont help poison damage… sensory satisfaction (PMI attacks, smash, crit smash), warlords cry potion, summer pet, PMI attacks from crusader buffs, etc.

another really crazy one is our buff swap. while its potent for our poison damage… it buffs our poison damage just as much as other classes buff their entire skillset. so yet again, half of our damage is lost.

they really should have scrapped the idea of abnormal status damage being separate and had it scale from independent attack… or figured out a way to balance it around scaling from both independent attack and their status damage modifiers (since they are intent on keeping them with the latest changes to gespenst and heblon).

as for the future, getting oyster should help out a lot… and the upcoming origin patch has a few decent buffs to our damage (but relative to everyone else getting buffs as well it doesnt mean much) and it also breaks our dependence on soul benders (for better or worse)

neck snap is very good as well… something you should have.

as a final note, i made a video months ago doing hero smoke in spider queen as a really quick and dirty run… wasnt intended to even be my best run even back then and its faster than yours DFOG FSF - DJ Does Hero Smoke

added to that, my ferman time is about 8 seconds… and you’re posting near 20 seconds.

so i guess my point is, either your mastery of the class is poor or you are sandbagging. as a real quick observation – i dont know why junk spin/block bomb are in your ferman kill. should be killing him without it at your gear level.


Whats the oyster you’re talking about?


‘oyster’ its the new 2nd awakening active. just like battlemage, we get a 2nd awakening transformation and an actual NUKE button. it does NOT replace snake stance. it is an additional button.

it translates to oyster from google translate. i dont know what the actual name is

as for timeline… i dont quite remember. i would wager 2-3 months away for us. i believe it was in the same patch as launcher/striker rebalances.


For reference, it translates to something more like, “Secret Technique: Poison Boulder.”

…please don’t call it Oyster, lol.


I posted my own stuff since I’m kinda curious to see what other FBrawlers are looking like, both for Ferman times and Heroic clear times. If I’m doing something horribly wrong, then it would be nice to know. I did save 1a explosion until near the end of the Ferman and that may have contributed to the slower time. Exploding it earlier (and using Block Bomb last) gave me a 12’85’’ run which is still fairly slow, but much better still.

Smoke isn’t going to get much faster unless I can kill Tog before he does the red orb (which seems to need Neck Snap to extend the hitstun duration) or I get fewer red dogs (not happening with my connection apparently).


Did ferman and hero smoke live action:


Looking at this and comparing, my notes:
You have about 700 more stat than I do (not including the %Str/Int from Crow). Crow alone is nearly 400 of this stat, as Nagaraja actually has very very low stat total. This is means you’re getting about 30% more damage from stat than I am.

Upgraded Savior is really effective as it allows you to one shot the trash mobs in Smoke, as well as kill Tog in a lot less skills than I need. Getting Savior charge on FBrawler is quite a pain in the butt.

In Smoke, I’m spending about 2-3x as long in the trash rooms as you, and this time adds up rather fast. These rooms take me significantly longer than Tog and Nerbe. My Nerbe also doesn’t have time to net, so that is quite a large damage loss there.

Neck Snap is really useful. Nothing new here.

Camo is really annoying and stupid to play around. Nothing new here.


i saw the translation of it on reddit as viper tunnel :confused:


I’m not a fluent speaker by any stretch of the imagination, but the Korean is:
독 is Poison. Of that I’m 100% sure.
사굴 is like a boulder. Which I confirmed with someone who is a fluent speaker.

So I don’t know why whoever translated it on Reddit translated it that way. Boulder and tunnel could be related…somehow, but viper isn’t in there at all.


i think its a sorta pun or play on the characters used or something cuz i put [독사굴] into google translate (yes ik google translate is shit but its not like i hav any other methods) and it came out as [serpent] with another possible translation was [viper cave]

splitting each character up and [독] is indeed poison among other translation such as bane, dock, jar and basin, [사] is either history or four while [굴] is pfft oyster . . . or den, burrow, tunnel and excavation

the 1st 2 character [독사] together ends up being translated as either venomous snake, cockatrice, water moccasin (aka cottonmouths) or serpent and the last 2 characters [사굴] together does actually translate to boulder

hopefully this at least sheds some light on its true name and it seems like viper tunnel is actually the most coherent and reasonable translation as the 1st 2 character together alludes to snakes or snake related creatures that r poisonous, 4 of the 5 translations for the last character can be consider related to each other and the actual animation of the skill is of an ethereal snake head appearing and lunging forward as the other translation candidates r dock/poison/bane/jar/basin boulder or venomous snake/cockatrice/water moccasin/cottonmouths/serpent oyster so . . . pick ur poison (pun intended)

this was the reddit post btw: [KDNF] 10/31 First Server Update: Homogenization++ : DFO