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Has anyone found out whether kdnf fsf’s prefer gespenst or nargaraja?


I think Nagaraja is preferred, but both are pretty good from a dealing standpoint.


No guilds for female brawler?


So, I have High Tech Ring, 6pc Mad Dog Hooligan, Sea God Pants and Centipede’s Maw. From now on, my only swap level increases are pets, titles, platinum emblems, and Epics, right?

As for Tainted swaps, I should first enchant them with Red, and then use Green if I have those 100% success auras, right?


Other than those you mentioned, there is a legendary known as plague mist bracelet which increases ap +1 which is an alternative. For ap levels, the title is probably the most important and costly. As for tainted, I believe that green first is most important since the level directly influences whether something will get poisoned or not in the first place. The damage comes afterward.

Eventually, you probably want to get a blood of holocaust for the new swap effect. At that point, you will need to rely on epics and plats to get maxed ap again.


Doesn’t matter, both are good. Heavy is possibly better due mastery and it scaling better with amps before of the top and shoulder bonuses.


In case anyone is looking for a relatively cheap set to gear their f.brawler, here’s an equipment demonstration against 4★ Gruff using the following:

  • +10/+8 Terra Reconstruction Claw
  • 6pc Source of Disease (+10 Shoulder with 5% Crit Chance, +10 Top with +25 Intelligence, +10 Belt with 3% Crit Chance, +10 Shoes with 3% Crit Chance, +10 Bracelet with +8 Water Damage, +7 Magic Stone)
  • 3pc Sea God (Bottom, Necklace with +8 Water Damage, Ring with +8 Water Damage)
  • Ancient Shaman’s Thorn Decoration
  • Magic Sealed Earrings with Intellect B
  • Meat Lover title
  • No Insignia
  • No Pet
  • Advanced Clone Set (No Emblems, No Aura, No Skin, Intelligence Hat/Hair, Attack Speed Face/Torso, Apply Poison Top, Inventory Weight Waist, HP Max Bottom, Movement Speed Shoes)
  • Level 16 Apply Poison Swap Set (6pc Mad Dog Hooligan, 2pc Red/Green Apply Poison Tainted Chrons, High Tech Fighter Ring, Centipede’s Maw, Sea God’s Bottom not swapped out, Apply Poison Clone Top not swapped out)

Edit: Another video testing the same equipment setup but with Normal Anton’s Source of the Black Smoke.


Something about FBrawl I never noticed was that due to Art of Poisons, I only need to reach 75% crit to get 97%, and that is really really nice, because I’m used to playing Female Ranger who barely has any crit boosts. And that means that I don’t have to use any Echon set points on crit, allowing me to get a pretty nice stat boost after +ele and +stat%.

Edit: Also holy shit I finally beat that fucking summoner on Tower of Anguish floor 30~31. All I needed were some Spider Queen pieces, echon gear and an Infector Manikai a friend of mine sold me. Jesus Christ, that was a horrible floor.


a breakdown of upgrading gear… as far as im aware these are all +10 amp’d armor and +12/8 upgraded savior.

Supercontinent (upgraded light armor)

Nagaraja (upgraded heavy armor)

Gespenst (upgraded cloth armor)

i made a post long ago stressing the importance of brawler friendly stats… this kinda highlights that. didnt imagine supercontinent would be THAT bad, but i guess so… anyways… upgraded heavy is the best and would become even better as you upgrade the shoulder more (up to +15)… meanwhile the cloth set is better for a party (element reduction and defense reduction), BUT i guess the ultimate goal in this game is to not have a party (aside from a sader), so idk.

as an aside, the upgraded plate set looks like it also has pretty good stats – plenty of all attack, lots of str/int and SPEED (which heavy and cloth are both lacking) and also some skill attack and defense ignore… BUT i couldnt find a korean brawler using it post a damage chart.

as a final note, i would DEFINITELY avoid any thought upgrading leather.

and here this brawler upgraded his weapon from +10 to +12…
at +10

at +12

so… save yourself some money if you had plans to do +12.


With us probably getting the Character Synergy and Balance Update in the next few months and the changes to Blood of Holocaust. Is its change something that would carry over with swap gear?

Blood of Holocaust
+70% Additional Poison Damage Conversion for Apply Poison has been added.



alternatively i guess you could also use a supercontinent top inplace of the belt enchant or unique motion aura to achieve the same results… but seems like a big setback of monolium.


So with the update. Blood of Holocaust is the MUST have weapon for poison swapping, so we need to try and hit +10 Apply Poison without weapon?


Yeah, basically.


new 2nd awakening active skill in korea… might make the upgraded cloth set more valuable (it has +2 85 skills)

as for the skill itself, its decently stronger than explosive poison and is extremely fast, but long cooldown (same as everyone else’s 2A). this doesnt replace snake stance… just an extra skill.

should make the class feel better. essentially we dont have a 2A currently because all of the damage our skills do is “balanced” around having snake stance active all the time. in other words, our skills are “nerfed” such that they perform at everybody else’s standard ONLY WHEN snake stance is active.

as a final thought, i do wish the new 2A active had a a fullscreen hitbox like every other class… would be nice to have the instant win button.


So I have a question…

Say I have a full set of Source of Disease set, right?

Other than Spider Queen, what would be the next best set to try to strive for as an F Brawler that’s trying to have very strong poison?


spider queen is alright, but you should strive for ele dropper, ceremony crow, or millennium war hero.

6 piece echon with double element would also be good…

unfortunately brawler’s stat preference makes a LOT of epics very trashy. so… whereas just about any other class can be strong with any 90 set, brawler is going to do terrible damage with black formal…

from my old post:

you can read more here: F. Brawler - Status Damage Breakdown


wait a min, skill atk and all atk affect poison dmg?


That is correct, they do. That’s why they’re the best multipliers.


Guys, tell me. Is this quest legendary-only(plus shaman thorn) build really really stupid, or do you think it could SORT of work? We’d be getting 2 10% defense shreds, an OK-ish amount of elemental damage, some crits and a fair amount of status damage. It seems kind of alright for a starting build.

Would this be beaten by Gracia+SoD for sure, or do you think this is comparable? Because if so, then that’d give us more party synergy, unless raid cuts the shred values down really hard.