Fashion Fighter Online - Avatar Dress Up Thread 2.0


Then I tried to create a Samurai Class, sure we have Vagabond and Majesty, but they’re not quite a PURE Iaidō or Battōjutsu type class.

2nd Awakens as a SHOGUN:

Even created a Pose where you can envision her “Sheathed” stance, mod wont show this, I had to image manipulate:
I have tons more to POST but I don’t wanna flood too much, I’ll post over time, or if anyone wants more.


That is one of the best things I’ve seen in the modding community in a long time, is that your own work or did you find it among the Chinese/Korean modding sites?


I decided to try playing SD again. So buy this set for her. She the definition of “Fatal Attraction” or “Looks that kills”

Side note: Neople think thief = street walker after seeing all her cera ava sets.