Fashion Fighter Online - Avatar Dress Up Thread 2.0


My spitfire character look. I may get a different waist ava later on, but I like it for now.



Falling in love with both of these.


Decided to change the waist on my spitfire


My EB, I have to get another hat and hair but this is ok for now. I want post-apocalyptic look.


You should change that DW’s name to APimpNamed. lol


I was thinking about that, actually lol.


Change the hat, hair, and got a face ava (which you really cant see from the pic) on my EB.




This is current look for my asura. I like it (he looks cool af) but its so much red I feel like a zerker (Red, actually my favorite color, but yea…). I will probably dye it a shade of blue later. If Nipple doesnt fking add more avas to cash shop (which why I have the one on the right. Its one of my ideal looks have for my asura. There are more but I rather not post them because of lurker thieves. I prefer an “Unique Experience”…I mean look. Plus, they probably belongs in the DFO Ava Sim thread or not idk because I use Korean Nexon’s Ava Sim to make the pic.)

Here my DL look (I was going to delete him with my SD, because I hated their dmg output. That why i didnt show them in the “My chars” thread because they were dead to me. But I started playing him again but SD may still get the “x”.), I really like formal or suit looks for some reason (Half of my chars are in suits. Especially pinstripe suit, ingame and IRL. Plus DeL class only have 2 options in cash shop, anyways. Nipple need to step their avatar creating game up, seriously).


Ladies, the Admiral is in. (Playing Stripper Dance Music)


Not super unique or special, but this outfit really clicks with me. Funnily enough also using three separate Empyrean outfit parts together: Empyrean Officer Hat, Empyrean Admiral Pants, Empyrean Guardian shoes. Edit: Four actually! Forgot Empyrean Henchman necklace

Bonus: Screenshot_36
Look at the sheer pissed-off-ness on display in this man’s face.


Body ga…AME ZE!


Take off the hat, lose the ponytail and change the top’s colors and it really could be something Kyo’d wear huh


My Jump char, I realized after playing him for awhile he kinda look like the man with big yellow hat…No wonder George was so curious, he smelled gunpowder.

I decide to dye my asura’s avas blue since Nipple refuses to add more individual cash sets :slightly_frowning_face:


Understand me son, I’m the slickest they is


The slickest they is
The slicky wicky wickest they is!


My 2nd Jump Char


i hate how despite the white beast ava being dyable it shows no change on any dyes . . . hopefully a bug


Screenshot_59 Screenshot_60

Player 1 and Player 2


Rockington and Rollington.


One of my Avatar Designs/Mods for my Project, created a “Barabarian” class, was going for a Viking Look:

His 2nd Awakening is Warmonger, an upgraded form as you’d expect: