Fashion Fighter Online - Avatar Dress Up Thread 2.0


Body ga…AME ZE!


Take off the hat, lose the ponytail and change the top’s colors and it really could be something Kyo’d wear huh


My Jump char, I realized after playing him for awhile he kinda look like the man with big yellow hat…No wonder George was so curious, he smelled gunpowder.

I decide to dye my asura’s avas blue since Nipple refuses to add more individual cash sets :slightly_frowning_face:


Understand me son, I’m the slickest they is


The slickest they is
The slicky wicky wickest they is!


My 2nd Jump Char


i hate how despite the white beast ava being dyable it shows no change on any dyes . . . hopefully a bug


Screenshot_59 Screenshot_60

Player 1 and Player 2


Rockington and Rollington.


One of my Avatar Designs/Mods for my Project, created a “Barabarian” class, was going for a Viking Look:

His 2nd Awakening is Warmonger, an upgraded form as you’d expect:


Then I tried to create a Samurai Class, sure we have Vagabond and Majesty, but they’re not quite a PURE Iaidō or Battōjutsu type class.

2nd Awakens as a SHOGUN:

Even created a Pose where you can envision her “Sheathed” stance, mod wont show this, I had to image manipulate:
I have tons more to POST but I don’t wanna flood too much, I’ll post over time, or if anyone wants more.


That is one of the best things I’ve seen in the modding community in a long time, is that your own work or did you find it among the Chinese/Korean modding sites?


I decided to try playing SD again. So buy this set for her. She the definition of “Fatal Attraction” or “Looks that kills”

Side note: Neople think thief = street walker after seeing all her cera ava sets.



I decided to change my asura’s face, and hair avas. Plus I remove the hat ava. I think he looks better. LONG LIVE FFO!!


All I needed were two pieces and everything about my former silver haired Inquisitor turned into something beautiful.


looks like film noir style in monochrome red . . . well almost since the purple from the aura and emote needs to be excluded


Making a much better collage of a previous outfit.

New update.


I decided to change my SB hair to HoE one. It looks a lot better.


Thunder take you!


Remilius Scarlet