Fashion Fighter Online - Avatar Dress Up Thread 2.0


Bringing this thread back wholesale. Ya’ll know how this goes. Show us your fashion fighter!

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Not exactly a lot of options here, but


Good to see this thread back.


Drop the torso avatar and Arthur will look better.


Tried that Day 1. His torso includes the shoulder pads. BM looks worse without it.


Time to look through the cera shop for better shoulder pads I guess.


Did that too. Closest shoulders that seem similar were Ancient Warrior shoulders, and they’re quite bulky.


I feel like Excalibur would be a better cosplay weapon, unless rng isn’t kind enough.


Didn’t care too much about the weapon. This BM was in the 50’s at the time, so I just took the closest one I had on me.


I’m torn cause I accidentally cubes my Black Underwear Packged top, had to dye my white one. QQ




Still thinking of nifty cosplay ideas. green skin when







I’m gonna miss that Nameless look. lol




i return


Neople, I was not disappoint.

I think I came extremely close to creating the Inferno set.


slayer 1