F. Brawler - Status Damage Breakdown



Why does Poison damage matter? it can account for upwards of 70% of your total damage as a female brawler.

For a demonstration, i took off ALL of my equipment except for a +12/8 upgraded savior claw (skill attack is a very neutral stat) – that means no armor, no accessories, no pet, no avatars, no insignia. also i did not activate savior.

The tests were conducted against level 105 ferman in counterattack state. snake stance, art of poisons, and net debuff were all active during the tests – to do this, i first used stinger and net (to get art of poisons passive) and then waited for the stinger status damage to tick off before using venom mines, ground kick, or explosive poison. i chose venom mines because it is full percent damage, ground kick because it is full fixed damage, and explosive poison because it is mixed. As a final note, i gave myself a 100% crit buff to avoid any crit deviations. overall i believe this is a very fair test that looks at the BASE damages of our skills.

As for the results:

NO Poison:

Poison, NO Buff Enhancement (300%):

Poison, FULL Buff Enhancement (700%):

As you can see, a full poison enhancement more than doubles the effective poison damage and accounts for majority of of the overall damage done. The striking damage just doesnt compete with the status damage with a full buff enhancement.

This stays consistent with a full epic loadout as well.

NO Poison:

Poison, NO Buff Enhancement (300%):

Poison, FULL Buff Enhancement (700%):



Now that the importance of poison damage is established, we need to maximize it. The first step is getting familiar with the best ways to boost the our apply poison buff via the buff enhancement UI.

Here is a rundown of where and what can enhance apply poison:

  • Each +1 apply poison skill is valued at +20% (up to a maximum of +10 skill levels, or 200% total)
  • ALL tainted chronicle armor/accessory/special equip pieces are valued at +10% (ignore normal attack text)
  • Mad Dog Hooligan 6 piece set bonus is valued at +100% or +16% per piece
  • Tainted claw weapon is valued at +20%
  • Blood of Massacre (85 legendary claw) is valued at +70%

So in order of efficiency per item slot, Blood of Massacre > Centipede’s Maw (+3 Skill) >> +1 Skill = Tainted Claw > Mad Dog Hooligan 6 piece > Tainted Armor/Acc/Sp Eq

SO… the “best” buff enhancement currently available to us is as follows:

–Achieve +10 Poison without using weapon slot: (+200%)

  • +1 Avatar top option
  • +3 Plat emblems (top / bottom / unique motion aura)
  • +1 Pet (behemoth or olympus for example)
  • +3 Wonderland title
  • +1 Olympus belt enchant
  • +1 Random +skill equipment NOT weapon (sea god pants, high tech ring, etc)
  • –6 Piece Mad dog hooligan (+100%)
  • –Fill Tainted Chrons (+30%)
  • –Blood of Holocaust Weapon(+70%)

TOTAL: 700% Poison Swap

ANOTHER OPTION is to use the supercontinent top which gives +2 apply poison to substitute a +skill level elsewhere (in case you missed something that was time limited). but monolium is precious and supercontinent is NOT a good set for brawlers. nonetheless… the option is available.

Keep in mind that was just the “BEST” setup though. you can still achieve very high apply poison buff enhancement without spending hundreds of millions on platinum emblems, time limited avatars, enchants, etc. Some opportunities for +apply poison skills on equipment can be found on:

  • Centipede’s Maw (+3) – 60 unique weapon
  • High Tech Fighter Ring (+1) – 60 rare quest ring
  • Time Traveler’s Watch (+1) – 85 epic sub equipment
  • Sea God Pants // Glassy Orb Silk Pants // Big Sacrum Gaiters // Metal Line Gaiters // Imp’s Pumpkin Pants (all +1) – various 85-90 epic or legendary pants.
  • Metal Line Armor (+1) – 90 epic top
  • Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth (+2) – 90 epic upgrade top
  • Black Mist Plague Bracelet (+1) – 85 legendary bracelet

Your focus should be to maximize slot efficiency. Blood of Massacre is better than Centipede’s Maw even if you need the +3 skills from it, as an example.



  • ‘tooltip damage’ = quite literally the damage it shows on each skills individual [Apply Poison Additional Poison Atk.].
  • MDP = Monster Defense Percentage… similarly to your character sheet defense showing a raw % reduction. things like bremen or epic set bonuses can change this.
  • SK = total multiplication of ‘skill attack’ mods (careful of a couple exceptions like agnes stone)
  • AA = total addition of ‘all attacks’ mods
  • StIt%% = total addition of str OR int multipliers (filir ring, emission necklace, pars grail, etc).
  • StIt = total addition of strength and intellect combined (post overstrain… it does indeed use both stats)
  • MAbSt = monster’s innate poison status tolerance
  • AbStR = total addition of poison status tolerance reduction (taunt, snake stance, bremen, infector, etc)
  • Psn% = total addition of poison modifiers (found on tarantula top, grudge orb, infector, etc)
  • ED = Highest tooltip elemental damage

Poison Skill damage = ‘tooltip damage’ X (1 - MDP) X (1 + SK) X (1 + AA) X (1 + [{1 + StIt%%} X StIt] / 333) X (1 - {MAbSt - AbStR} / 200) X (1 + Psn%) X (1 + ED / 222)

Some notes:

  • You can get an ADDITIONAL line of poison damage that will do exactly 25% of the poison skill damage. The chances of getting this additional line is based on your critical chance. If you have 97% (the cap) or higher, you will ALWAYS do an additional 25% poison skill damage.
  • a COUNTER hit will do 25% increased poison skill damage.
  • +Status levels do increase damage, but really only matter up until your status level = monster level. Due to the Art of Poisons passive… there is no reason to care about this. You will ALWAYS be over the monster level unless you are unable to proc Art of Poisons passive (in which case the target is immune to poison and it doesnt matter anyways).
  • Refine bonus from your weapon is figured directly into your poison skill damage tooltip (so look at the tooltip with the weapon you plan to deal damage with)
  • If you don’t understand Monster Defense Percentage… visit a defense/damage mechanics thread. as a special note, however, status damage scales with both physical and magical defense. so reducing ALL defense is more effective than reducing only magical or only physical defense. As a VERY QUICK AND DIRTY ESTIMATE… 1% ALL defense reduction = 1% damage. 2% Physical ONLY or magical ONLY defense reduction = 1% damage. Water made an excellent image to showcase this:
  • Overstrain calculates extra damage based on YOUR elemental damage. NOT the monsters. So, element reduction from soul benders, dark gothic set bonus, elemental dropper pieces, etc… they all do NOTHING for status damage (but they certainly help striking damage)
  • There are quite a few damage modifiers that do NOTHING for poison damage. These include: Bonus damage (Elenore), Elemental Bonus Damage (Elemental Elenore), Attack Damage% (Smash), Addiontal Attack Damage, Physical/Magical/Independent Attack, Critical Damage, Additional Critical Damage… and any that i forgot to list :slight_smile:
  • if there are any errors, let me know and i will fix it.



The main goal of dealing damage as a F. Brawler is to FOCUS on poison damage, while also trying to push as much striking damage as possible.

  • Stats that boost both status AND striking damage are the most valuable (Skill Atk, All Atk, Elemental Damage, Defense Reduction, Strength or Intellect, +Skills, Crit Chance)
  • Stats that boost ONLY STATUS are the next most valuable (Status Tolerance Reduction, +Poison Damage%)
  • Stats that boost ONLY STRIKING are the least valuable (Bonus damage (Elenore), Elemental Bonus Damage (Elemental Elenore), Attack Damage (Smash), Additional Attack Damage, Physical/Magical/Independent Attack, Critical Damage, Additional Critical Damage).

And to some extent, attack speed is also valuable (faster animations = more DPS)

Heres a showcase of how important stat selection is for female brawler. These are damage comparisons as of the latest epic rework patch in korea… for various sets:

As for Luke upgrade sets, essentially heavy/cloth are very strong (almost the same). Cloth set will have a stronger X string and viper tunnel (new 2A skill) (by about 20%). Heavy set will have stronger lvl 50-80 skills (by about 10%). Don’t waste time on other sets.

Comparisons with fairly similarly geared brawlers:


The following is a listing of what I personally believe to be the MINIMUM ESSENTIALS of a female brawler. Maxed skills are non-negotiable in my opinion.

Some comments/notes about these choices:

  • Neck Snap – Yes it is essential. Yes you should max it. Yes the only way to get it is through pvp.
  • Sand Splash– This skill is fine if you are going to be farming crap like grandine because the hitbox is fairly large. For any build that you actually want to be dealing damage though, this skill is straight garbage.
  • Tiger Chain Strike – Having this lets you cancel out of dash attacks… which is extremely useful because snake stance’s dash attack moves very far quickly. Only need rank 1.
  • Tornado Kick – Jump Kick is very strong with snake stance. Use tornado kick, cancel it with jump, then do jump attack. You can also cancel an x string with backstep to go into tornado kick. Its 30 SP and 0 TP for a low cooldown, decent damage skill.
  • Explosive Hook && Brick Buster – They both do decent damage on a small cooldown, but SP is tight and especially TP with hook. Keep in mind explosive hook needs the TP to do “decent damage”… dont waste SP in it otherwise. Also keep in mind rank 10 with 1 TP is not a mistake. I personally think brick buster is great for the SP investment.
  • Double Throw – Only max if you are planning to also max venom mines and/or junk spin. Rank 1 is at least necessary for junk spin to properly stun lock.
  • Mount // Raging Vulcan && Venom mines – There is not enough SP/TP in a typical build to max both. Pick one. Venom mines deal significantly higher damage. Mount’s main utility is just as a hold to bypass some gimmicks (notably Becky and Rosaura). As a hold though, a lot of party members wont like it because it forces the target on the ground (which there are many skills that will not hit in that state). Mount’s overall damage is fairly lacking however… and the DPS is straight garbage if it is not a grab-cannon target. BUT theres always the argument of “if im going to be using this time holding and doing nothing else, I might as well be doing damage with the skill”.
  • Junk Spin – Going back to the “if im going to be using this time holding and doing nothing else, I might as well be doing damage with the skill” argument here. The overall damage is strong, and the DPS is at least acceptable on this, but overall still somewhat lacking. It definitely shines with very high attack speed as a damage skill (party with Nen and/or Lightbringer). It is still a fantastic hold skill at just rank 1 with rank 1 double throw though. If you are going to max out Venom Mines and Double throw, you should probably max this as well as an effective “package” of sorts.
  • Poisonous Explosive Hook – This is why explosive hook is at rank 10 and there is 1 TP in it. This skill will grab cannon ONLY with at least level 1 TP in explosive hook (the damage bonus from the TP only works on standard explosive hook however). This skill is a great hold, vacuum, or extremely quick grab cannon damage.
  • Block Bomb – This is a fairly strong skill and it often fits into the “if im going to be using this time holding and doing nothing else, I might as well be doing damage with the skill” argument… BUT the problem is that many other times, you will use this pre-emptively to have active stun frames or you will just whiff most of the damage frames in order to get the boss stunned ASAP (the final explosion stun is a very large AoE)
  • Critical Masteries and/or Ancient Memory – Ive omitted these because they arent “essential” but you should definitely pick up your crit mastery if are below 97% crit. As for ancient memory… UP TO YOU. Definitely more useful if you plan to sell raid without a crusader… but probably not too valuable otherwise.
  • Basic Training Upgrade – IT DOES NOT WORK WITH SNAKE STANCE. NO.


What is the “Normal attack Poison Atk.” on tainted chronicles? Should I use specific pieces to maximize it?

  • It boosts the apply poison damage for basic attacks and heaven’s net. Snake stance X string has its own apply poison skill damage that is completely separate from this. SO, If you plan to NOT use snake stance for some terribly misguided reason, I suppose you can worry about it.

Is Infector Manikai worth it? Can I use Farris Emblem / Dirty Adjutant Rib / Dread Phantom / Shaman’s Thorn / etc instead???

  • The +status levels really don’t do anything (take a look at the status damage formula notes). The -40 status tolerance from Infector helps A LOT. Infector Manikai is the single best sub equip for a female brawler. Yes, better than epics. As a note, the ENTIRE SET of Heblon special equips will end up being better as a collective group only.

What is the best pet to use?

  • If you do have critical smash mod in your gear – The +1 snake stance from petit brawler pet is worth roughly 4%~ish damage which accounts for the largest overall gain for a pet even if you have crit damage on your gear elsewhere. I have tried many other pets (including behemoth) and they dont really come close.

  • If you don’t have critical smash mod in your gear – The welcome to hell pet accompanied with the +15% critical smash Pay2Win artifact will be your best pet. Without the artifact, it is a fairly weak pet.

What Top Avatar option should I use?

  • Snake Stance. Always.

What platinum emblems should I use?

  • Apply Poison first and foremost. The buff is very significant. Beyond that…

  • Taunt platinums are your best active emblems. it should be noted however… if you dont have a method of getting +1 double throw in your active gear (the buff is LIVE, not swappable) either through belt enchant or title or pet or whatever means, that is also a great option for one of your platinum emblems – specifically for a build using venom mines as it will add an additional mine and venom mines are actually one of our strongest nukes (the extra mine is worth about 15% more damage to the skill, so it is significant)

  • Regarding the taunt emblems specifically - together they account for about 2.5% of my overall damage. that is with rank 13 taunt, rank 7 snake stance and an infector (totaling -244 status tolerance). This gain stays fairly static unless you are partied with a bender because nobody else reduces status tolerance… unfortunately partying with a soul bender will reduce the effectiveness of these emblems significantly. SO – if you are questioning IS IT WORTH INVESTING IN ADDITIONAL AVATARS TO SWAP OUT OF? Probably not… this is more for if you have a lot of money and would prefer a guaranteed return as opposed to gambling on higher amps.

Since female brawlers are mostly status and fixed damage, do I need to reinforce my weapon?

  • Yes… and no… refining your weapon is FAR more important, but it is still worth it to reinforce to +10. Remember that half of your damage is striking and further that half of your striking damage is percent.


  • Going from +10 to +12 increases your damage of explosive poison (our best nuke) by about 2%. you be the judge of how valuable your gold is. it is technically a gain…

What stats should I get for guild insignia?

  • The only stat that definitely matters is having your main stat (whether that be intellect or strength). The choice between phys/magic attack or independent attack is insignificant because we are mixed on the striking side. BUT i would personally opt for independent attack because most of the more BURSTY skills are fixed damage.

Which main stat do I use? Strength or Intellect?

  • Most folks would recommend INTELLECT because of the strong synergy we have with soul benders… and if you have a soul bender in your party (ideally), you should then have a SPIRIT crusader. BUT, we now have seraphs (which don’t discriminate main stat), and also soul bender synergy is no longer as strong as it used to be… SO truthfully it doesnt matter as long as you stick to one side. I will note that elemental dropper is a VERY GOOD lvl 85 epic set that has 0 strength. crow ceremony and gespenst are also favoring intellect. the flip side of that is that nagaraja (and claws) favor strength. IF YOU WANT TO MIN/MAX, then you should favor intellect if your end goal is gespenst and strength if your end goal is nagaraja.

  • Just as a quick note, you can change your damage type (physical or magical conversion) at any time to deal with gimmicks in luke (anti magic system, superalloy system, oblvious aslan) and your main stat has no bearing on the amount of damage done. To be more clear… an intellect build will do the same damage with physical or magic conversion (as long as there are no specific defense shreds such as elemental dropper aura). For that reason, try to swap your conversion to whatever fits your party (if you have a vampire lord in the party, go physical… if you have asura in the party, go magical).

  • Also you are not obligated to pair strength with physical crit or int with magical crit. Due to overstrain, it is only important that you pick one side and stick with it. So, you could do an intellect build with physical crit. Why would you do this? because the shoulder enchant for physical is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper (10 mil vs 60 mil) and also claws have an innate 3% physical crit. the only drawback is that an intellect build would be unable to use hybrid emblems (int + magical crit) which provide more overall intellect. BUT due to the 3% phsyical crit on claw, its like you get a free emblem slot anyways.


-USEFUL RESOURCES (and thanks to)-:

*Abnormal Status Damage Testing
*Does Tog Actually Have Zero Defense?
*Shredding High Defenses
*Damage, Defense, and Criticals
*Get it straight: Damage modifiers, the guide, season 3


On top of things poison additionally benefit from both p.def shred and m.def shred. Optimally you’ll want shred from a class that shreds both types, like DT or Exo


yea its in there, but thats a good screenshot, thanks!