ExtractorSharp Avatar Mod Patch Builder (Now Open Source) EXRPG GONE AGAIN!


Regarding ExtractorSharp download problem

New version of ExtractorSharp is now available. There are no longer monitoring activities in this version. I have tested. I decided to forgive him.
Ver is confirmed not to be with any uploading or monitoring activities except checking updates, and downloading foreign files.
ExtractorSharp is now open source. The project is currently on Github: https://github.com/Kritsu/ExtractorSharp
(↑ Source code, not software - software download is below ↓)
No.5972 Notes: The versions here may not synchronize with what author releases, but there is auto update function now in the software itself. If there a big updated version I will update it here as soon as I can.
Software Author: @Kritsu

If there are any problems, the previous versions are still available:

  • Fixed Bugs
    Bug of being unable to recover audio files
  • Improvement
    Replace File has been renamed to Replace with Foreign File
  • New Features
    Auto Crop Transparent Area has been added to Merge
    Replace File in List has been added
    Swap Files has been added
  • Plugins Update
    Plugin of (Avatar Mod Patch) Builder has been added
    Importing codes to Dressing Room API has been improved
    Avatar Mod Builder tutorial (Not Translated - Use online translators) : 生成器 | ExtractorSharp

If it prompts stopping working, please check whether you have installed .Net Framework 4.6.1 .
[ .Net 4.6.1 Framework Installation Package ]

ExtractorSharp Tutorial (Not Translated - Use online translators):

Set the language

Open the software and navigate to the last option of the last menu.


In the Settings dialog box, click Language (语言) on the left, then click the combo box and select English.

Click the third OK (确定) button and restart the program.


It is said that EXRPG might be reopened, as the EXRPG leader’s weibo says. But the problem is they lack staffs. The previous data still exists.

And it is also said that the DNF Extractor will be fixed, too.

EDIT: Now the EXRPG forum site http://bbs.exrpg.com has been available, but they said they are still rebuilding. Every feature is still unavailable yet (except logging in…lol). Oct 13

EDIT: Now the loging-in, posting, registering and other features except some features like Avatar Emulator, Database, etc, in EXRPG, has been all available. And DNF Extractor 3.1 is also available. Oct 16

EDIT: EXRPG is down again… DAMN IT… We are also trying to contact the site master to check out whether he can recover the site… Dec 30, 2018


so i downloaded the github files so how do i open the program… im confused


There is no .exe files


Alternatively, go here:

and then download this:




If you would like to download from github, you need to find releases and download ExtractorSharp-1.X.X.X-release.zip. This is the usable release.

But the UI of the official release is in Chinese by default. You need to manually change it into English. Go to last option of the last menu in the menu bar. Select “语言” on the left, and then click “中文(简体)” then select “English” and click “确定”. Restart program so that it will become in English.

EDIT: The first link is the source code of the software… It seems that I should mark it… :sweat_smile: