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As of version 1.5, ExtractorSharp officially supports language patches. However, version 1.4 will not update automatically and the extractor has to be re-downloaded from EXNPK.

Download and Install
  1. There's no installer, so just put the contents of the ZIP into their own folder and (optional) make a shortcut to the EXE.
  2. Run ES once and you'll probably get a popup. Click the left option and let it update.
  3. When the update finishes, the tool will start up and allow you to view and edit NPKs and IMGs. But, it's in Chinese, of course.

The devs were kind enough to include an English patch, but it’s very basic English. It’s completely usable, but some text clips off the UI. Plus, some of the terminology was a bit different than I want to retain from DNF Extractor. I have my own English language file here.

You don't need this anymore apparently.

Set up the patch

Put the downloaded English.lan into the lan folder in ExtractorSharp’s directory and open the software.

Navigate to the last option of the last menu.


If you have more or less options than my picture, then it’s 設置 you want.

In the settings menu, go to the bottom section and select English. (Not English (US), I'll fix the picture later.)


Click the left confirmation button and restart the program.


By no means is my patch perfect, nor is it 100% done. There's still some features I'm a bit unclear on. Those parts are translated, but the terms might be a bit weird compared to the rest of the program.

Stuff I'm already aware of
  • Everything in the "Batch" menu. - This function had text explaining that it was obsolete and replaced by "Macro", so I don't see the point in trying to make sense of what the options are referring to at the moment.
  • Everything in the "Model" menu. - This is all relating to the Dressing Room, which I haven't looked into as a feature yet. "Model" is almost guaranteed to be replaced by a different term later on.
  • View -> Multiple Layer - Not sure what this actually does at the moment. Using it just removes the image from the viewer.
  • Everything in the drop-down next to "Background Color" - Doesn't seem to do anything when I select an option.
  • I might've switched between "True Coordinates" and "Absolute Coordinates" in different parts of the program. I'll find them later.
  • Even though I said I wanted to stick to DNFE terminology, I swapped out "sprite" and "frame" for "image". I'll probably swap back to make it more distinct from "IMG". Do keep this change in mind for now.

If there's any issues or typos, let me know.

An actual guide to the features will be coming eventually. I've been taking things slow because ES is getting frequent updates and things keep getting changed and added. For example, when I would have initially started would've been before English was possible, or even before sound could be opened.

When it comes out, I'll start phasing out my DNFE guide.

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Maybe your English language file can be recommended to the devs…?

Edit: But once the software gets an update, how can we make the language file update, too?

The feature of the Dressing Room is just related to the Dressing Room in Duowan DNF Box which generates .dwdbm model files, which includes the codes of every part of the avatar, and the preview image.
The feature works as, after you select an option, you just click the button "Background Color", and then select a color, or an image. I guess this might be also a bug - this button can not automatically change the text when changing the nearby drop-down.

When you select Solid Color in the drop down, and after you click the nearby button, you will be prompted to select a color; and when you select Image in the drop down, and after you click the nearby button, you will be prompted to select an image file; and and when you select Null in the drop down, and after you click the nearby button, nothing will happen.

The users in China say the dev (only one person) is "professionally coding bugs" lol.

Edit: Well…I see…no need for automatic changing…the button text in Chinese is "更改背景", which literally means "Change Background"…

The sixth item seems to be not Save NPK As but seems to be Save IMG As...and not only IMG but it might be also OGG, too...

Edit: Well…seems to be another bug…in the XML file (.lan), the "Save NPK As" and "Save IMG As" is in the SAME string! I guess "Save NPK/IMG/OGG As" could be okay…

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Please i need to use this ;C

maybe you should make a guide C:!

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You do know that if he makes a guide, it’s still gonna take a bit of time, right?

There's a reason I want to keep the terminology the same. Use my DNFE guide as a reference for ES functions for the time being. It isn't that different outside of having to toggle autosave.

And please don't double post. You posted three times in two threads about this, and two of them were incredibly vague.

I don't mind doing manual updates to the file. If I ever fall behind, the default is in there and people can deal for a few days. The default English isn't even that bad, so I'd hope it'd be enough to hold people over. (But I expect people to find a reason to complain about it anyway.)

Thanks for the information on features and translations. Yeah, the "Save" option was really weird, so I think I just copied what it said in there. I'll take another look at it.

Hopefully the person can work out this and that background setting stuff out since it's still new. Good thing it's minor stuff, I guess.

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lmao okay i dont know how much more i can tell you other than i want a guide to extractor sharp xD.

anyways that guide doesnt really help me with extractor sharp, sure it probably would but i'd be reading it for HOURS over and over again .

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Much thanks @Space Fish for making this patch! I’d just like to point out that although this program has some really excellent features, for avatar merging don’t use the sort button. It gets the order for layers wrong.

Edit: What I said above seems to have no effect on the final result from what I've been playing around with. However, I am getting missing parts of frames on the merged avatars for no apparent reason. I have already checked whether or not I am adding all the IMG parts, so that's definitely not the issue. This applies to what I'm seeing in the extractor; I'll have to see if these random blank spaces show up in game, but I suspect they most likely will.

Update: I did a quick login and it did turn out that what I saw in the extractor showed exactly as is in game. Specifically, I was working with fpriest NPKs and found coat and hair IMGs that had blank spaces after running the frames of the merged IMGs. I'm guessing the extractor will need to be updated down the line to fix problems like this.

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WELL DONE! The dev has requisitioned you English language patch file and in the newest version of, the “English” language option now has been of you @Space Fish 's English language patch file.


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Oh, nice. I wasn’t actually expecting that to happen.

I hope they don’t notice the current issues with it though.

Edit: Actually, seeing some of the minor changes made makes me feel a lot better about anything I considered an "issue".

I see that weapons were added in there too.

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you proud that they adopted your language patch, Fish?

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Honestly, I kinda have mixed feelings about it. It's nice that they used it, but I really just released it for the inevitable DFO player that would take issue with what it came with.

I don't really expect them to officially support specific languages. It's amazing enough that they allow the option in the first place. DNFE had to pretty much be hacked in order to change the language, and if it ever updated, I would've legit killed myself.

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e…The before default English Language is default key set. If value is null then The text is display default key. So the English is so basic. a…If only can read my ”Chinese” English…

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Haha, I just read your guide and learned off of that. For some reason, I never bothered to install an English patch for DNFE. Muscle memory carried me after I learned all the functions DNFE provided.

Also, it seems like with the most recent patch they've fixed the blank spaces I described before, thank god.

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I've been messing around with it for an hour or so now and it seems pretty nice so far. Only question I have though, is there any way to remove the dodge frame currently?

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It says I need an invitation code… what do I do?

Edit: …okay, I'm a bit of an imbecile… but now it's asking to do a test… I don't know any of this… halp

Recovery of Space Fish’s Post on Jul 29, 2017 at 1:25 PM

Been out of touch for a while and having issues of my own as of last night that I can't be bothered to look into atm.

Not sure why it was deleted, but upload_2017-7-29_13-24-5.png

In the meantime, I guess see if 1.5.0 works (just don't update the download in my post). If not, go back to DNFE for a bit.

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If I don't have an account, can I still merge avatars? Or do I need to have an account, just like with DNFE?

About DNFE, I can't use it… it automatically logs me out after a couple of minutes, so I can't use the avatar merging…

Recovery of Space Fish’s Post on Jul 29, 2017 at 1:37 PM

EXRPG doesn't exist anymore, so no functions that require the website work anymore.

If you need avatar merging, try using a lower version of ES.

If it doesn't work, there's not much I can do right now.

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Ok, thanks. But, about the invitation code thingy, many of the questions have to do with either the program itself, or with the game. And the questions are always the same. Isn't it possible for you (or someone else) to make an answer sheet or something?

Thanks for the info, by the way.

Recovery of Space Fish’s Post on Jul 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Depends on what they're for. I know they added something like that to the website for coins for whatever. Not sure why they'd be in the program.

I can't look at the latest version right now, so I'll look into all of this whenever the download goes back up. Stuff's going on, so I feel like it's pointless to look into it now when something's probably gonna change again.

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When you go to register a new account, one of the things they ask is an invitation code. The way you get the invitation code is by answering said questionnaire. You have to answer 10 of the 12 questions correctly to get the code. That's what the page says. Like I said, the questions have to do with either the program (exnpk) itself, or with the game.

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