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Those changes to Nagaraja’s Voracity and Corrupt Seven Deadly Sins (among other things) are really hype. I’ll try to get some math out on those as soon as I can (the working man’s life is hard), but at a glance, the latter has a really good shot at overtaking Fiend Venator. None of this stuff is live yet from what I understand, so we’ll see… :+1:t5:

@Joehawsh There’s no such thing as “hybrid” (in terms of damage) Draconid aside from your skill choices in PvE. Due to the change to Exorcistic Force, the Conversion skill affects our entire kit, so you switch that to physical or magical and do what you want. Since you want to be magical, you’ll obviously be using Luminous Chakra and you’ll also need to use Holy Amulet and White Tiger at any level for their combined -8% magic defense reduction.

Cloth is the best armor when you have a choice. It gives the most intelligence and magic critical rate compared to anything else. Rosary has the highest magic attack and gives a slight casting speed boost as well. Once you’re collecting epics however, you’d use whatever your strongest magical setup is regardless of weapon or armor type.


Psycho, whats your Mexo’s ign? Add me, fam. Mexo’s gotta stick together lol. We can duo luke daily or something.

IGN: SunGodRa


From what I’ve seen from Kdnf videos, most KDnf players prefer to go physical over magical exorcist. Does anyone know why?


Planet Destroyer. It’s also “easier” to brute force through frags esp if you’ve been playing a long time compared to something like savior rosary.

Phys 2nd awk is also slightly stronger compared to the magic one (w/ the advantage of being a fire and forget skill) which also works to PD’s advantage.

At endgame gearing, it doesn’t matter much really. You still offer the same utility regardless of spec. M.exo future QoL on the next char balance is really nice though.


What TP are you guys running for Magic Exorcists?

I would imagine Shikigami and Lightning Amulet are mandatory. What are the thoughts on Black Tortoise, Holy Amulet, and Atomic?


I would max atomic smash tp and the skill if you haven’t yet. Both lv45 cube skills are 2 of your strongest bursts outside of awakenings.

Tortoise TP is more of a TP dump unless you need that extra hold time at max level. I have mine set at lv3


Even though Lightning Amulet Upgrade is very powerful, it was only mandatory with End of Days. Now, I just use it as a TP dump. Shikigami is required for sure though. Atomic is as well if you have the skill (I don’t because I’m weird).

Holy Amulet Upgrade isn’t necessary, but I maxed the skill and use it all the time, so not having the extra range would feel bizarre to me. Chaos Hammer Upgrade is another one that isn’t required, but even with my modest ~51.8% attack speed with a rosary, the speed difference between having the upgrade and not is pretty noticeable and that is more evident the lower your attack speed is.

In other news, I did some math on the new Luke set changes DnF got. I only bothered to compare Gespenst, Nagaraja, and Seven Sins. Seven Sins just changed again on first server, so I’ll have to redo its math though. With what I have calculated, in party play Gespenst > Seven Sins > Nagaraja.

Nagaraja is actually pretty weak in general now. Even on a heavy armor class like my Stormtrooper, it doesn’t compete with the others that well. This is even the case if I set everything (including Sensory) to +12 instead of +10. Gespenst gives us magic critical rate we otherwise don’t get from heavy armor or plate (but do get from leather and light armor, lol) and the skill levels, including the super hype Blue Dragon Spear +4 and Black Tortoise +2 for some more hold time and speed which is :+1:t5:

If people are interested in the details of my comparison, I guess I can post that later.

Radolgenbu. I’m usually just AFKing honey time and when I actually play is pretty unpredictable barring my static raids, but I’ll keep that in mind. Full time work life does things…


Currently doing Echon with 2 minute runs. Possibly the most satisfying thing to do here is Exorcise Amulet all the adds and then gather them with Atomic Smash to instantly clear rooms and kill bosses


any skill builds or guides that is up to date? I keep looking around in these threads and you guys are so geared I don’t know what any of the abbreviations for the sets anyone is talking about lol kinda hard for someone not as advanced to get into the class


How does everyone feel about exorcise amulet? I’ve never used it as a physical skill focused exo, and just switched to magical focus after the patch. I’m level 88, still in magic seals, so I don’t know if it’s any good without gear.


Considering how modern Exo can use any skill in a type due to conversion once past 2nd awakening or so. (Thus a Phys Exo can use M Exo skills without a real drop in power or need to change gear too much) IIRC


I think I read about the subject somewhere, but I can’t remember the answer: Is Exo locked to fire/light when they use the respective chakra?


No they’re not. Every exo skill is neutral damage now. The ele inflict from chakras are there for convenience.


Whats a build look like now? Ran Pexo a year ago and not sure what they should be looking like now. Is it just get passives and go from there?


Overall disappointed in Rasputin’s Beads 90 epic craft weapon right now. The buff effect is bugged and the change only works with Passion Chakra and not Luminous Chakra. You still get the 40% int boost though.

From Preview

In Dungeon

The Fast weapon speed functions as Slow like every other rosary. The tooltip is probably incorrect which saddens me. I wanted that delicious fast attack speed rosary on top of its 10% attack speed.

Wooyo’s Golden Rosary average weapon speed seems to be working, though.