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You want max level (skill level +10 after master rank) and the chronicle set for both Passion/Luminous Chakra and Black Tortoise.

Passion Chakra

  • Combo Breaker 6/Chained Fury 6 chronicle set
    Increases strength from the buff by 30%/24%, respectively.

  • Tainted Dimensional gear (multiplicative with itself and either set)
    Top/bottom: STR +5%
    Shoulder, shoes, belt, necklace, magic stone: STR +4%
    All other slots (except weapon): STR +3%

  • Skill level+
    Skill +3: Agent of God, Wreakful Battle Axe, Hyperion
    Skill +2: Basis Master, War God top,
    Skill +1: High Tech Saint Ring, King’s Book of Secrets: Hyperion, Sea God bottom, Petit Draconid, Behemoth creature, other limited edition creatures
    Legacy/Halidom top (all +1): Level 25, 55 heavy armor. Level 55 plate armor.

  • Future
    Deathly Sabbath: +5% Additional Physical Attack Bonus
Deadly Sabbath details

It can be searched for on auction hall, but it is not in DFOpedia because it drops from Corruptor Locke (left) or Forceful Kuro (right), the first named encounter in Energy Interruption (localized as “Black Fire Rok” and “Power Arm Kuro”).

Corruptor Locke and Forceful Kuro

I’m not sure which of the two drops it; I’d guess it’s Locke since he wields an ax. All equipment that drop from either mob is in DFOpedia. Here’s what the weapon looks looks like and currently does:


Luminous Chakra

  • Chained Fury 6
    Increases intelligence from the buff by 24% percent.

  • Tainted Dimensional gear (multiplicative with itself and either set)
    See Passion Chakra.

  • Skill level+
    Skill +3: Vanquishing Light: Supernova Rosary, Rosary of the Agonized Cleric
    Skill +2: Gora’s Teaching: Concentration, War God top
    Skill +1: High Tech Saint Ring, King’s Book of Secrets: Hyperion, Sea God bottom, Petit Draconid, Behemoth creature, other limited edition creatures
    Legacy/Halidom top (all +1): Level 30, 55 cloth

  • Future
    Vanquishing Light: Supernova Rosary: +5% Additional Magical Attack Bonus

God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise

  • Chained Fury 9
    Increases Black Tortoise hold duration on champion, named, and boss mobs. Increases defense reduction.

  • Skill level+
    Skill +3: Rosary of the Agonized Cleric
    Skill +2: Dappled Rosary, Essence Ancient Kingdom Silk Trousers, Elven Warrior’s Medal: Exorcist, Saint’s Medal: Hyperion, Sacred Creature’s Protection, Magic Cataclysm, Smoky Topaz Plate Shoulder
    Skill +1: Veteran’s True Intention, Petit Egene (unobtainable)
    Legacy/Halidom top (all +1): Level 50, 70 cloth
    Special: Rosary of the Agonized Cleric. Defense reduction +10% (multiplicative)

  • Future
    Changed to real time. Unfortunately, this means we won’t have the intense hold time anymore and it makes most of the aforementioned gear useless. Not my preferred kind of “balance.”


We’re back bois

Getting ready for the new exorcist changes and swap UI!


I was happy to see the white tiger update dropping all 5 at once yet I still see no one using the skill in KDNF. Is it STILL trash in dungeon despite the changes?
I see mexos using oblivion hammer but damn it just seems so lackluster. The skill usually only does half the DPS of atomic smash and isnt even touching Shinigami.
Also, whats the opinion on best end game set for luminous chakra users? Seems to be arguments for both Rad and Crow.


I think it’s just because they decided not to implement the 5-drop-White Tigers in the official version. They seemed to have changed their minds during the test server.


I have no idea why neople didn’t implement it as an optional passive, it’s such a weird love-hate relationship with m.exo but yeah, 5-tiger didn’t make it to live.

Depending on whether our divine insight scales off crow’s atk, I could see it being the best but I honestly dunno.


The option is still there. Just that you don’t see a lot of mexos using it still since it’s not worth with the burst meta being the thing in luke especially when majority of them already have upgraded sets.


5-Tiger actually made it to live?
It didn’t make the live patch notes so I assumed it didn’t.

Tbh, m.exo already has inferior burst to p.exo just due to planet destroyer being a thing.
Giving m.exo a reliable/quick repositionnable sustained DPS in the form of instant 5 WT would be a welcome edge.
I already spend most of my ferman time placing WT geeez.


Upgraded savior is superior to planet destroyer. It’s only stronger on 2nd awk and even then, p.exos already stopped using it once they got their upgraded saviors.

Also with the recent QoL m.exo got, their skill rotation is much faster than p.exo due to shikigami being free cast and their 2nd got even faster.


Upgraded savior being superior to planet destroyer is only relevant after multiple months of luke raiding to acquire it and at that point, it won’t really matter how p.exo/m.exo fares if you’re already surpassed the current endgame. Unless you wanna sell&stuffs so I want to compare them pre-luke gear since there’s no content after yet.

M.Exo already has a faster skill rotation as able to cast others skills while 2a is in effect compared to p.exo stuck in i-frame nah?





What emblems do you guys use for your battle avatars? Giant weapon mastery or lurking dragon?


Anyone got a decent skill build for P.Exo?


Show us what you have and we’ll help you.


Uh, P.Exo skill build changes with gear? I have dusky 6, fish and rental battle axe.


I meant for you to show the build you have. Gear rarely affects your build.


I have a question about black turtoise. does it apply its def shred only whilst grabbing an enemy or always as an aura?


I believe in a recent update, changed now to effect of its aura.


Hi everyone, I am trying to start a M.Exo is that even exist anymore lol. I’m not sure what skills to get and max and which are for preference. I’m looking for a guide or simply just talk about the class. I am in the processes of getting the char to 90 so I have time to learn more about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: really appreciate advice! thanks <3


We still exist. I’ve been playing magic Draconid from the start. When you get to level cap, show what build you have and I’ll give advice. Some more general advice is that you should have all your class passives maxed (including Lurking Dragon) and you have to use Holy Amulet and White Tiger because they drop magic defense (5% and 3%, respectively), but it’s up to you whether or not you max them.


What are the best options for Hybrid Exo (mostly magic for damage / physical for utility+holds) should I be using cloth or plate armor and what’s the best weapon choice?

I tried looking up guides but they are all for PvP and I need PvE.