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Hi there. Recently I was provided by a friend a fairly decent Franger account. I’ve played DFO in the past, but it’s been a while… Beyond that, I’m really unsure of how to grow the account. I’m not a beginner, but I feel a bit overwhelmed with the provided gear, and am unsure of how to proceed. Especially toward that of the late game (Anton runs and such). To better specify, here’s more or less the sort of topics I want to address:

  • Building gear sets and bolstering my account (what items to seek after, amplification, reinforcing…)

  • Game mechanics (for instance, knowing when to swap out weapons and what attacks make sense when swapping)

  • Money management (where to put money for this class, how to better earn it, etc.)

  • People who demonstrate best how to run specific dungeons on Youtube or other media outlets with FRanger/ Crimson Rose

  • Class specialty (what makes this class unique for dungeon running, and is it at all advantageous?)

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. If not all of what I ask can be addressed, I’ll figure it out.

I realize there is a general forum for this class, I’m just looking for a bit more personalized information.


Ask questions after you have a foundation, it’ll be much easier for us to help.


there’s no reason to change weapons mid dungeon, except for DBR swap at the beginning

$: rare avatars, gold emblems, good enchantments, reinforcement (depending on the weapon and your funds; don’t bother +12’ing a legendary weapon for example). level 20 DBR is important, but going for plat emblems/unique motion aura etc. is not vital; losing a few tainted pieces is not the end of the world

class specialties:

  • cancel your skills into other skills for extra damage and style
  • drag monsters around with death hawk and your 2nd awakening
  • kill point superholds enemies for 5 seconds

also check this out