Epic Calculator / Hell Mode


Hello everyone,
Anyone can edit the blue fields. The first field vertically represents the amount you ran. The second field is where you put the number of epics you’re interested in. Whether it’s the amount you got on a recent binge or simply the chance of getting 0 epics. Whatever number you’re interested in.
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The calculator is based on the average of getting 1 epic for every 15 runs of hell you do. This figure was collected by an individual so it is anecdotal, but the number of hells run was pretty large and I have no reason to disbelieve it based on my own runs (which are admittedly, much fewer).

That said, take the information with a grain of salt. Not only because the rate I used is anecdotal but also because statistics are statistics. A high chance of occurring does not automatically mean something will occur as a low chance of occurring does not mean something is impossible.