Elementalist General


My understanding of Crow in general is it is a bit iffy as a 3 piece set, and on my kuno that showed with it being basically the weakest 3 piece I had. I don’t know if it’s worth breaking 5 piece for, but I imagine if you do you’d be better off going with another 3 piece and a good offslot and the top. I’d wait until someone more well versed on ele tells you the value of the +2 levels though.


Yeah, +2 levels to all skills, especially Sesto is huge for Elementalists. What I’m concerned about is the loss of the 5pc set effect in comparison to +2 to everything. If I had a second Crow top this wouldn’t matter much because I could just upgrade one of them and test it myself.

I’m hoping any other fellow Ele mains will have had a similar dilemma and are willing to share their experiences with me.


Anyone know how Supercontinent fares vs. Gespent after the rework?
Is it still a good upgraded set to choose?

Ideally I want crow, but I only have 1/5 crow pieces. Meanwhile I have 5/5 of all
the other 90 armor sets. Out of all of the sets I got, radiant seems the next most promising.
Can I upgrade Supercontinent and still be on par with Gespent eles?
Or should I keep running hells for crow?

I really just want to make an informed desicion. Because I don’t want to waste months of collecting monos into the wrong set.


hey is the guide at the top going to be updated now that the origin update is live? for example the 50 passive has been changed to a new skill which I would assume is an auto max of course. But yea besides that is everything in the guide the same or are there some changes?


With the new epic crafting system releasing Tuesday, how do the new staff/rod compare to Werry/Newlington?


anyone have any pan rift videos I can see that show gear and stats. Something that is up to date. my only problem with it is clearing the bosses. the smaller enemies are easy to clear. I feel like im getting there but not quite. like I said the boss rooms take me just a little bit. also what rotation of skills should I use for the pre bosses as well. the fast dude probably gives me the most trouble. Help would be greatly appreciated thanks


Personally what I do for him is enter room and stand at door, cast dark hole > crystal > 1a.

I have enough gear to not need 1a to finish him but I use it for the iframes.

For the darksteel wannabe, I use gate > buster > and whatever else is required to kill him if necessary.