Elementalist General


Hmm… That’s some good news at least.

Now, when will we get our rework and become rotten potatoes? Or will Neople bless DFOG with the buffs to Ele and not force us to suffer becoming rotten potatoes?

Only time will tell…


Hi all,

On top of getting the Ele rework tomorrow, were also getting the Armor Mastery update.

I wonder, with the updated Armor Mastery, is it better to switch back to cloth armor? Or can we still use any type we wish?

The 287.5 INT bonus from cloth mastery looks like a significant amount, especially since Ele Burn gets a reduced amount of INT.
The 10% critical chance is nice too, although not completely needed. I guess it can free up points from Magic Crit skill to be placed elsewhere.

Right now, the only 90 sets I have completed is Millennium and Metal Line (using Metal right now). For 85s I have completed Mana Burn and have 4/5 Ele Dropper. No Dark Gothic since I returned to DFO too late and missed that train.

Should I switch to Mana Burn or maybe Ele Dropper if I finish it soon? Or can I keep using Metal Line?


even with reworked masteries there’s no way mana burn will beat out the 90 sets in damage.

~300 int isn’t super significant if you’re running endgame content with a sader, and metal line is also more appreciated in parties.


Sesto clears the entire last room of Hell mode :ok_hand:


Lol i was just about to make a video about that, beat me to it.

Also, can yall share which of the new skills yall are bothering to max if any. So far I left the rainbow curtain thing at 1, maxed the crystal one, and dumped sp into the quake one.


general consensus in the ele discord is curtain 1, max crystal and quake. LS left at 1 or sp dump at preference, most of us are maxing ice walls & pluto instead.


Lightning strike becomes maxable in a future update right? or am i mistaken


yeah it should be pretty good after the next round of ele changes \o/


I have updated the Elementalist guide up to the Elementalist Renewal and Luke Raid. Enjoy. Let me know if there’s any mistakes.


not a fan of the delay on transcendent crystal, at least ele curtain is good in Hells

can we not get instacast anymore?


Insta cast doesn’t exist anymore. Only insta charge.


What the fuck is this?

Did the reinforcement changes seriously make this much of a difference or was this from some ninja buff we didn’t get patch notes about?

Edit: After talking to a couple friends, I think it was the result of an apoc hitting my sesto along with the fnen’s khai and whatever effect SB has on his party members. Still, it shouldn’t have brought my damage up by 2.3 BILLION.


So if an ele doesn’t bother with mobile cast or charging, would anyone say she’s doing it wrong?

Basically pretend that she’s still insta casting.


glorious 4 skill hell run


So I was checking my avatars looking for how many elemental mastery plats I needed to buy and realized that the ability for one of them was missing (previously shadow mastery). I think I was getting the level anyways but I used a rare avatar change cube before checking… Just wondering if anyone else has/had this problem and if so should check your levels to see if you are really getting it or not.
Here is how it looked before I “re-added” the ability with the cube


I had the same issue with mine.


What are the pros/cons of Crow vs Radiant and SC vs Gespesnt?

I’m 4/5 on both crow and rad and I’m ready to xfer.


you can’t go wrong with either set. gespenst got indirectly buffed in the support synergy patch after they toned down the availability of defense shred build into class kits.

I’ve read that SC performs better with supports and ges performs better solo, not sure how accurate this information is now, but it makes sense. personally i’m going gespent because armor mastery actually feels significant now (and no casting speed is gross).


Thanks misu. I hadn’t taken into account the cast spd, and yeah, I agree. Low cast speed feels like shit. I xfered my crow top and so far, no real regrets.

Still a potato though. Ele buffs when? :confused:


Would upgrading Crow top to Gespenst top be worth breaking the 5pc crow set?

Dropping 25% All atk and 10% INT is a pretty hefty bit of damage, but I would be getting +2 to all skills in return…