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Do you have any tips for dealing with the Black Dragon Tournament I am stuck at Second Awakening… I was having fun before this point and i really want to like The Elementalist. I don’t want to quit on her as i am Right there and halfway through the quest.


BDT can be tough on level 75 characters but the general strategy is run away until good cubes come off cooldown, You can always just level to 85 before doing it which will make things easier.


I have been using this strategy but the APCs tend to run faster than my Elementalist and get a poke on me when I have a Cube Skill Up even with Magical Festival active, stopping any attempt to use it I am thinking about Maxing Hodor to give me some breathing room


it’s honestly not that bad if you fail a lot and it takes a couple days to finish, just don’t waste too many lifetokens if you can avoid it


That’s another thing My tokens weren’t replenishing either I even make it an effort to sign in with her… maybe she will this time but it’s kinda strange…


Try maxing out your tier one spells (lantern firebomb, frosty head, pluto) and spam the fk out of them. It’s kind of cheesy, but it works, and is by far the the easiest way to go through the ToD on an ungeared Ele.

So it should work for tournaments too.


I actually maxed out Hodor and that did it! I died significantly less too which was amazing!


Dropping Hodor as soon as fight starts and spamming Frosty/Lantern while using Ice Walls/Sun Burst for space creating/burst is nearly flawless. Using Showtime/Transcendence when it’s available to create instant cast 0 cooldown T1s is nearly unbreakable, and the high chance for Frosty to freeze just completely shuts down any offense. The ideal fight is having them completely fixated on Hodor and you spamming T1s offscreen until Buster comes off cooldown and you finish them off.

There’s one Thief APC that pretty much teleports to you the frame the fight starts and one shots you before you can even get out Ice Walls so just eat the Life Token on that fight and use the invincibility to get Hodor out and create space.


You already got some good info here but just in case heres a video i made long ago that may or may not help you out: YouTube

i run it with the worst gear possible pretty much to show you how simple it is with a proper despair build :stuck_out_tongue:

once you get to level 90 and get used to ur ele a bit you will not require this despair build


Been slowly farming my Echon set, what should I be prioritizing the stats on? Ele Damage or M. Atk, or should I be trying to cap my crit?


Gear optimization in this game is about getting a good balance of modifiers, in most cases you’ll want a mix of ele dmg and atk with capped crit from other sources. However it wouldn’t always be bad to have some crit chance on your echon. Really need to look at all your gear to compare the mods.


First Luke Clear! :smiley: Shoutout to Isa


Do we really lost the Insta-charge after the recent updates in Korea? How does Ele fare now when it comes to PvE?


How good is fiend venator on ele after KR revamps? can it outdamage Supercontinent and Gespent?


Ele rework was initially lackluster but after some tuning patches she’s in a really good spot right now in KDnF. Per typical Neople fashion I expect us to get all the updates at once (but when pls neople).

Insta-cast really was removed but from what I hear from the KDnF eles this is more just initially annoying than anything else.

I’ve observed a lot of affinity to post-revamp Gespent due to the removal of defense shred from a lot of classes (plus who doesn’t love + sesto levels?), but at a high level there’s still probably not much difference between all the upgraded sets.


What exactly do you mean by “just initially annoying”?

What makes it not annoying after a while?


as in it changes the way the class feels but eventually you get used to it?

there’s no real point about griping about it in the long run because it’s never coming back.


So we essentially go back to early leveling stages for our cast speed? Ugh… guess we gotta get used to that shit again :disappointed:


we still get a butt-ton of cast speed from trans rune & showtime, we just can’t throw all our spells out instantly like we can now.

the rework also reduced the post-cast delay on a lot of spells, and judging from gameplay footage of post-rework ele it’s not nearly as bad as pre-2A ele haha.