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Did they make it that you don’t have to cancel skills anymore to get the CDR on it? Is it just applied to all their skills naturally now? Finally looking at the class again for the first time since the 86 cap and wow, has a lot changed. Is the skill build higher up in the thread still viable or has damage shifted around?

Edit: Actually looked into the skills on the build. Did Crystal Storm, Chain Lightning, and Infernal Road really get hit that bad or are those personal preference?


yeah no need to cancel for cdr now, and the mid tier 35- skills are all up to u tbqh so go nuts,
but yeah fire road and crystal storm have a hit cap so they both are garbo outside of dps, and chain lightning got nerfed when the bonus on bombardment was removed


Piper’s Surprise or Big Mouth Werry?


staff>rod always, unless its newlington or savior rod


Heya, this is my first time checking a DFO forum since before Nexon shut down the game years ago (I quit on that day and just considered to come back now) and my main was EB. Well I just have some questions…

Is this seriously the entire Elemental Bomber section of this forum, just condensed into one single thread with like 25 posts in it? O_O

Back in the day there was a sub forum with so many topics of EB players, guides posted and discussions going on, and here I can only find one single thread it just seems weird to me, and I hear this is the most populated forum for the game now? What’s up with this?

Aside from that, I know that back in the day EB was somewhat like World of Warcraft rotations, where you choose a spell, then you have like a Global Cooldown as the animation goes, then you choose another spell maybe 0.5-1 second later, and you repeat this rhythm playstyle where the spells felt high impact but slow and steady, it was awesome, and I think now you can sort of chain all your abilities together rapidly which to me feels like each spell is less satisfying on it’s own, it’s like going from a sledge hammer to a machine gun if that makes sense…

Well to say the least I would be interested to see any EB guides that can explain the new version of this class in great detail if that’s possible and I don’t know where to find it, but also, are there any classes that played like OLD Ele Bomber from back in the day, because I’m not such a fan of rapidly chaining spells together it feels kind of mindless to me, while Old EB felt like you had deliberate thought out spell casts choosing the right spell for the right moment instead (and I know that new EB might be more fun to most people and is probably still requires thought of course, I’m just expressing what made me love the Old EB and wondering if there’s something similar these days?)



(after all, sorry for my bad English), Hi, iam a new EB player, I already lv 90 and I gearing, for first of all, what set is better? Gracia or dusky? Or even sea god, idk.and for swapping set what I choice?I see that someone here is a EB Main and I want to talk to him


Gracia and Sea God would both be good for EB so long as you lock your skill build to mostly Light or Water. Dusky is fine if you wanna stick with raw stats, which to me is a bigger payoff for all skills. Should help for Echon farming too.

Swap set is Mage’s Ultimate Elemental, 6pc plus green tainted OV pieces. Look here to consider the rest of your options.


Thx man, but the archive is in Germany or something like that, I don’t understand nothing lol


Doesn’t matter. Hover over the subclass images and you see the swap equips listed.