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are we good yet




With the release of Luke Raid, anyone find any luck in finding a static/pub?


Is getting through Saint Horns supposed to be teeth pullingly frustrating for a solo level 87 Oblivion?

It certainly seems like it’s either the bane of people who hate the random party function and don’t have many friends, or I’m so terribly underequipped that I’m a laughing stock, and if it’s the latter, I’m so lost on where to get good gear…


do you mean Otherverse dungeons or Ancient Dungons


today’s luke deal
did ~10bill to luke, not bad.


Buffs soon guys. Can’t wait




i didnt think a patch would double my training room damage…


Can anyone give me a Skill Build thanks


this is my current build, can knda fuq wih some of the sp with what you want to dump in as concentrated force kinda sucks, but it takes element
EDIT:forgot TPs


Thank you


todays luke deal, feels damage man.


road to 5bill armageddon(cannon double tap bug so it did big damage)


we did it boisimage


any guides for the ele bomber? seen the f.mage astarte and overmind had google doc updated guides. was wondering if anyone has one made or can point me to where i can find one.


i could attempt to make one but i always thought the class was straight-forward, ill get back to you when i make one


I’m back to EB after more than an entire year and…
What happened to the skill cancelling system? IIRC we could cancel infernal road into stronger skills
and gained damage from it, right?
Maybe my memory is fuzzy, idk.

Also, what gear do we aim for after a full OV set + lib weapon and full swaps? Gracia->Echon->Epics?


The Skill Canceling is still in, its just not a requirement anymore to get full damage on your skills
and yea progression should be ov+lib->echon/hell mode