EDIT: Found a party


41 DI
20 Apoc (+2 from dusky, not shown here)

Was wondering if there are any group that will take me.

Caveat is that I’ve never down Luke before so I need to learn it.

Timing is flexible, free after 7PM EST, though prefer after 8PM EST


Still looking for a static, some minor updates

  1. Got a topaz belt so up to 3.6k vit now

  2. Looks like I forgot silverwatch in the original post, but that’s a minor issue

  3. Ran with some pubs, some clears, mostly fails, but I know what to do in raid now.


Hey add me in-game.
[~Isanaki~] Oberith or Mysophobia.
Alternatively add me on discord (most reliable) Isa#1295