Echon without dying


Is this possible? For reference, I’m on a lvl 90 monk with quest legendaries and a +10 liberation totem. I watched other people doing it but it’s not much help as they’re super geared and wipe the dungeon in less than 2m, so there’s not much chance for them to take damage.
I’m particularly having trouble with Benevolent Sasha since he spams moves back to back and I can’t really do anything besides run around and occasionally hit him with the few burst skills I have.


It’s always possible to beat it without dying, just get familiar with boss attacks and patterns. Understand that some classes will just take longer than others, particularly with the necessary Leg gear. My Inq used to 3:20 or less with that.


Did you use Gracia? On your Inquisitor? Or dusky? Cause it takes me a while to clear with PD. No dmg


Me? I had dusky+great glory accs, and a Lib axe. I had a NG piece to help me clutch through, but the grind was still sluggish in the vanilla Echon dungeon.


Yeah I might switch to dusky, base stats might be more helpful


And you’re better off with a little speed too. I had Gracia at the beginning and it was depressing.