Dragoon General


What skills do you leave at 1/max?


Without contract, my normal casual build leaves Servant Lance Assault, Drilling Neck, Buffalo Fall, Mole Hunt, Partisan Suit, and Needler at 1 for simple juggle purposes and for filler and such. Servant Lance will be your primary filler DPS and they’re free to use so it’s important that you use them on cooldown.

With contract, Ram Fence is the first skill I drop. I’ve seen different videos of people dropping Head Penetrate to 1 just for hold but I personally like the skill. If anything, I feel like Partisan Skewer is relatively weak and animation locks you in place so it would be my next contender to drop to 1.


Hey Guys new player here, got Dragoon to lvl 90 a few days ago and have a full set of lvl 90 halidoms and am currently farming Terra reconstruction and doing ancient dailies, I have a few questions:

  1. Does this class require a swap set?
  2. Which ancient set should I go for and what number?
  3. Which weapon and accessory set should I ideally aim for not counting Echon and raids since I plan to do those after I’m geared up in at least legendaries and have a decent weapon

I greatly appreciate any help that you can provide


Every class requires a swap set. Dragoon in particular has Deadly Traps 6pc, a Legacy / Halidom / or Terra beam spear, Cursed Sea God Pants, Melvin’s High Tech Ring, and a clone avatar top with the buff. And those are the most obtainable pieces, there rest are here.

6pc Gracia, usually all armor pieces and a Sub/Magic Stone.

Liberation Beam Spear (you can settle with Requiem while you’re still farming for it). If you’re close to getting a Terra, you can settle for that too, but Liberation’s still better. You can even wait to buy it outright. And get the Fish Accessories from Lorianne Red Witch.


Thanks for the help guys I’ll get right on to farming Gracia and get the fish accessories


Guys I go the Preta Griozame from the goblin weapon pot, should I farm full sea God’s set or will dusky be enough along with my swap set with this weapon


Bumping to say that I love this class and will (eventually, have to finish a Seraph guide first) be writing a guide for it. Hopefully it will live up to expectations.