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Have this playing every time you use 1st Awaken.


I’m having some trouble figuring out this guy’s flow, some stuff on him feels kinda rigid in execution. Also considering the mid-close range focus I wish he had a better way to reposition away.

Otherwise yo Drago’s air attack doubles as a midair jump/hover that shit cool.

Also I’m actually pretty disappointed in the Servant Lance mechanic. Wish there were more than two moves, or better yet have both Servant Lance moves change effects when using different skills.


He’s effectively Battle Mage Lite. Servant Lance is the funnel mechanic to with your attacks and skills. It doesn’t seem all that good, only shooting two at a time and there’s a set fire rate. Not to mention the small AF hitbox on those things. Assault is fine, but maybe there should be another variant skill.

Needler is a pretty good mob killer. At Ghent right now and it performs well.


Service lance seems a bit underwhelming to me especially since it’s supposed to be his staple skill. I feel like it barely does any damage compared to any other skill I pair it with.

Hoping his second awakening makes this skill more worthwhile to use.


i never expected servant lance to be a main focus in any shape or form because it always seemed like a aesthetic choice for his skills and his look than a main mechanic


Any KR Dragoons? He’s looking like pure DPS, so I’m guessing it’s just Gracia and/or Dusky as usual?


gracia yeah 장지 - YouTube hes the strongest dragoon


Is the Assault combo on aerial Eathworm Hunt accurate? Why does it do the ground version?


i dont see where it says that aerial earthworm hunt activates aerial assault


Just showin off now. Lemme know if there’s anything particularly wrong with how I’m playing. Not so much the skill build though, cuz obviously we’re stuck at 1st awakening for now.

That being said, I can’t see myself maxing Buffalo Fall. It’s probably the most unwieldy “dash and grab” skill in the game, never to be used near any asset or wall, ever. Because mobs won’t extend to the wall before the skill finishes, and so the spears just hit nothing.


I’m using some skills I wouldn’t max so I’m losing damage their and a 2a passive do you think thatl help me with the time though?


Nice gear, just curious how much DI you’ve spent so far?


less than 40k I got really lucky, my new setup is 3pc radiant and ill just transfer last 2 pieces so I’m done with hells already


Enjoying this class a lot. Cannot wait to see the damage boost from 2nd Awakening :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a general skillbuild I should be following?


in my experience the servant lances seem to be icing on the cake of his attack skills. Also I’ve noticed his normal chain sucks in the enemies being hit a bit.


His first X normal does a pull in, yes.


so, what is your opinion on 2nd Awakening?


I like the 2A. I don’t feel useless in Anton Raid pubs anymore.

2A passive gave me a huge boost in power as well as letting Servant Lance pierce, so wide skills that gather mobs together works to clear rooms easily.

Dragon Grinder Spear and Deboning Slasher are welcome additions of large things to throw out fast. Deadly Charge 2A is slow to start so it needs a prior hold in Servant Lance Assault or Head Penetrate. 2A is affected by 1A’s cooldown reduction buff, though I find 2A->1A to “combo” better.

Unfortunately remembering to use servant lances on cooldown doesn’t change and still requires some getting used to