dragon knight rotation


Working on some of the toons who are under lv 50 just to take a break from my 80~90 toons. I have not touched my dragon knight is a long time so im curious what I should be focusing on. Shes only 25 right now so im sure theres room to do what I want, but Looking for later down the line


If I understand correctly you’re basically asking about burst rotations. Rotations don’t really matter outside of that unless you’re a holder.

I think this a pretty good one to use. I would just use Meteor Burst during Breathe of the Storm instead of Dragon Sortie because the non-Astra version of Burst would end just in time to still use non-Astra Sortie so you can basically fit you’re 3 strongest skills into about a 5 or 6 second window.


On second thought use this instead.