Dragon Knight General


Any of you guys Anton raiders?

I’ve recently gotten my Dragon Knight to be relatively geared through hells and I have yet to find an optimal sorts of opening burst combo in the one-shot-centric nature of Anton nowadays.

1A -> Dragon Sortie (Slash) -> Ascending Dragon (dash) seems to be all I can do before the boss is dead or starts running around due to lack of holds or something

I can never find a time or place to use 2A either since it takes so long


Dark star any good for this class? using masamune right now


If you have both, test it.

Otherwise darkstar has better modifiers on it, but you lose a pretty sizable amount of crit giving up katana mastery+light sword, so if it puts you behind on crit I wouldn’t switch.


hmm yeah I have like no crit right now so might just hold off until I get better gear and emblems, ty