Dragon Knight General


No one else has done it yet, so why not?

Any cool combos you found, or anything else you want to share? I know literally nothing :slight_smile:.


My combo: Dragon smash->dragon fang while that’s happening->spinning raid. Spinning raid will automatically home in targets being hit by dragon fang, so this combo lets me quickly use up two skills that would normally be troublesome to fit.


That’s pretty cool!

I like Blitz strike into dragon smash, knuckle blaster, dragon fang, then whatever my finger lands on after that lol!

Or just blitz strike into finish and fire blast and Astra’s shockwave for dispatching trash.


Small tip for those who don’t you can use some astra skills during rebound if something just won’t get off from on top of you. (looking at you landrunner >.>)


Thanks for the tip!


Wish I could use astra while I’m being hit. lol


Technically you can if you use the shockwave right before you get hit. It gives super armor.


Any tricks come 2nd awakening? I imagine our rotations are going to change immensely.

We can now use Astra while being attacked! THE DREAM CAME TRUE!!!


Still figuring things out. I think I’m going to max dragon smash, just because of how much I love using that skill.


I dropped Blitz strike, Dragon Fang, and Piercing horn to 1. Leveled everything else and dumped the rest into piercing horn.
A nice hard-hitting combo i’ve got going is Dragon Smash with Ascending Dragon at the same time followed by Dragon sortie.


How do you decide which version of meteor burst and dragon sortie to use? I’ve been winning it so far, but I’d love to know if there were situations where one version trumps another.


For meteor burst I would advise always using astral on things that have annoying frames and need to be held like kratek or Agnes or if you need a bigger burst. I usually don’t astral for when I’m clearing a trash room. I use sortie with out astral for 90 percent of the time. The speed on it and damage are really nice. The only time I use astra is on mobs or when things need a good suck like zombies.


Has anyone else ever experienced a bug where Astra doesn’t spawn at the start of a dungeon once you have your 2nd awake passive and you can’t summon him with the original skill?

I’m not actually sure if it was on dungeon start or he disappeared after using one of his skills, but I assume it was dungeon start.


Sometimes after using breath of the storm he kind of poofs after the skill is done, he usually appears after using 2nd awk.


@Hova it has never happened to me. Maybe it is a dungeon specific bug unless it’s happened multiple areas? I do recall the breath of the storm bug where you could back step astra in a door and have hm follow you while you ran on the ground. Was funny to see him dash with you.

@Icaro astra himself is just coded weirdly. I will try and upload later but he has about 4 points of frames. For example when using breath of the storm pay attention to the duration before it ends. In frame one and two into sortie he will change into the skill as intended. In frame three he will use the modified version or sortie with a double slash which happens when astra is busy because after every astra skill he is resummoned so while he is in that animation he is technically not available and frame four will bug you out and you will see him bug out and you will just drop with it in cooldown. Astra and dragon slash are pretty latency heavy for certain things. Doesn’t help the descriptions on how to cancel are vague.


Yo is there actually a reason Dragon Sortie’s controls are so shit?
I’m not the only one experiencing it right?


What about the controls, exactly? It controls just fine, like Breath of the Storm.


Well for one, I literally can’t move diagonally down to the right (holding v> at the same time), the dragon literally refuses to. That’s the biggest offender really, but there are other times where I’ve not been able to go a direction I’ve inputted, where BotS would have gone.

It’s manageable… but the controls aren’t 100% copy paste of BotS like you’d expect them to be. Unless, of course, I’m the only one experiencing it.


I’m holding down-right and it’s fine. Check your hotkeys, maybe?


Just some combos I’ve seen used before:

Biting dragon > Breath of the storm > Meteor Buster

Biting Dragon > Breath of the storm > Dragon warrior princess > Dragon sortie

Piercing horn > Dragon Smash > Knuckle buster > Dragon tooth > Blitz Strike

Found these ones kind of helpful to me figured they might be useful for others.