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Been meaning to do a new write-up and amend my Asura guide for 90 cap, but I have been busy with work and helping the other CAs make DFO a more pleasant game to play. orz

To start out with, I'll say that I've been playing this meme class since nexon launch and will stick with it to the end. But as our version of DFO changes, so does our meta of gameplay. The information here is from my own perspective, testing, and general gameplay. My playstyle may not suit yours but this is just here to be basic advice for any Asura having problems with the new 90 meta of playstyle or just help in general.

In layman's terms, everything has changed again. I have gotten many new upgrades that have also upgraded my quality of life and have 'shown me the light’, so to speak. Asura is a whole lot more past Dark Gothic Agni burst, he has to work so very hard to keep up and its not just getting new gear that’s going to help you. Right now our DFO Asura is in a transition stage, marking him as the weakest Asura in all of DNFs variants. He has no buff swaps whatsoever and won't get further damage upgrades until infinite content release. Anyone trying to main Asura and play him in our endgame (Luke normals, 3-4man sell parties) has to play him exceptionally well otherwise you will be looked over as a weak or just ‘meme’ class to begin with.

A lot of how to get to that point takes a lot of practice and general game knowledge. My time practicing solo/duo heroic Anton dungeons has taught me better cooldown management and neat ways to abuse iframes, swapping gear sets and the importance of doing so for x boss,etc, has improved my gameplay tenfold. Here is some general advice that has helped me advance in 90 cap;

My current Build for 4-man sell party (all but Naval Defense) and general solo content:


(3 points in MW are preference. You can put them in SC if you favor it)

-More SP and TP means your skill build changes again completely. An example for me is I now max Indra Net and boost Magma Wave past one. Their general damage has increased and will again in the infinite update. Firewave at level 90 is now acceptable damage, so it is also maxed with its TP.

-Magma Wave is now a critical holding skill. Mobs stay alive past one glacial, you need to know how to rotate your cooldowns effectively.

-Abuse Neutral Wave. Interweave it into your rotation even at rank 1; its cooldown properties are tremendous to successful rotations.

-Ghost orb is gutted. I have been teaching myself how to play with ghost orb (at rank 1) specifically used for brand expulsion and filler hitstun only. With infinite rework, brands do not tie to the amount of INT you gain from WMB so expelling brands frequently is more favorable.

-PvP, get Bremen, you need him. Practice how and when you can cast Bremen, it's super important in your solo/ party play without a Dark Lord.

-PvP for PvE practice. Knowing how to use Drive Slash, Ashe Fork, Guard, and Aerial Chain Slash in a PvE environment leads to more successful damage rotations. I’m not the best at pvp myself, but my time catering to pvp events and getting that extra TP from dojo has helped me solidify trickier rotations on more difficult PvE encounters.

-Attack and Move Speed are the best. I love them, I can’t live without them. Having the appropriate attack speed opens up a whole new world of possibilities, combos, and timing. I used a zanbato for so long it’s so very liberating to have a Shortsword in my hands again-- I’m sure it would feel even better with a Katana.

-Hell, hell, hell, hell some more. Asura can be super successful with one or two 85 epic sets if you do not have Dark Gothic. I'm now actually using Power Plate and Natural Guardian far more than DG now, both help Asura tremendously. I have also tested and seen successful setplay with Tactician’s, Mana Vortex, Football (I’m serious lol), and Elemental Dropper. As far as 90 sets, Asura can use the heck out of all of them and be successful, but the major ones would be Gold Suit, Crow Ceremony, and Black Formal.

-90 Meta and 90 gear breaks Asura out of Agni Pentacle stacking. Agni is still very strong, but isn’t your main source of damage. One example would be the use of first awakening. In 90 content (in our case, Luke) you use the entirety of first awakening for damage instead of just using it for the crash. The buff to its eye waves even at DFO’s version and the need for hitstun in many encounters makes it a successful damage dealing tool to use.

-Cooldown gear/rotations is essential for success. Having a set like Mana Vortex, Refined Amnesia Ring, Time Defier, or a Time Traveler’s watch ensure you have enough power/ability to execute a successful rotation with little to no gaps. Like a lot of other classes, Asura continues to share cooldown issues, even after its changes. Anything you can do to fill in these gaps will improve your performance tremendously.

-Understanding how damage mods work, making sure you have enough elemental damage. This is the biggest issue I see both new and old players have. Juggling all these damage mods and then adding in strange new damage mods can be very confusing, especially when half of them do not work in training room yet. The CAs along with Reddit, Nexus, and other communities are beginning to compile a better accurate data knowledge base for perusal real soon to help combat this issue. Sometimes all it takes is fixing one little problem with a damage mod and you double your output. If you have problems with juggling mods, I would also be more than happy to give you advice.

This isn’t everything, but is a good general list of what has been helping me improve my gameplay/managing my gear/abilities. If you have any questions or want me to look at your gear setups or explain how to handle problematic bosses or issues – or YOU have advice to give to the player who might have problems with Asura in 90 cap/raid, feel free to post!


Most korean Asuras dont even bother with swaps outside of MW anymore. The ones I HAVE seen will still swap WMB or high independent attack pieces since murderous wave also snapshots your independent at its buffed rank, but its honestly super extra. All you have to worry about is +10 swaps, being super extra means more time you are clicking swaps which is usually not favored.

here is my current hunk of swaps;


(Chronicle set shown is 6 piece Brutal Bonecrusher.)

you can exchange HLS with bronze sword the pink Xiphos Sword, but priority is HLS, refined. Murderous Wave snapshots Independent attack and you want to have as much as possible on your body before casting it. If you dont have a watch you can use a pet or a plat, etc. Metalline comes with the benefit of being an aura for your party and also with this setup (including olympus bead) you account for +6 WMB ontop of +11 MW with no pet/avatar swap necessary. without the bead it is +5/+10.

the kicker is getting a title, nobody futureproofed a lot of asura titles unfortunately so if you missed out you will have to attain plats/motion aura plat and a pet to make up for it. Or if you live in the arena you can replace metalline top with a +2 wargod top :v

I originally forgot to count my olympus bead giving +1 so this is technically +11 MW, you dont need watch here but ayye another WMB rank. If you want to follow this setup but don't have magic cata shoulder, Hi-tech ring with Bonecrusher shoulder is also A+ option.

@Orphane 's setup is also good for max ranked MW!;

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If you use wave eye for dmg why not drop magma to 1 and get weapon mastery for some matk?

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this is personal preference based on practical use. If people find they use Magma Wave less than being in first awakening, then you switch the points to a mastery. The fact that Magma wave comes out on cooldown is justifiable enough for me to have points in it, even at rank 8 it will do comparable damage to glacial if used correctly whereas x points in a sword mastery do not provide the same damage and support.

Everything is interchangeable depending on how and when you use your skills. If you find yourself in the area where you prefer hitstun damage over a stun hold then you can switch them over to a mastery. Asura SP is flexible to its player!

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Doxo why do you say crow is one of the better sets for asura, the set effects look pretty weak

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It's lower than Black Formal and Gold Suit for sure (Gold Suit being the best one), it's only high on the list because of its All Ele. Asura benefits from elemental far more than say, a raw stat set like Mana Burn. Sets like crow allow you to reach the first elemental plateau (222 ele) fairly easily with a few accessories.

Crow is not the best, its stacking All Attack suffers diminishing returns like most mods do, but the all ele , crit if youre crit starved , and percentage independent make it an acceptable set to use over most 85 sets (sans Nature or Power Plate).

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Am I napkin mathing it right to think that crow loses to centurion hero I'd you have border of black and white earrings?

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Millenium has:

78 All Ele

50% crit (jesus)

40% cast

25% attack speed

Attack Damage 25%

Crit Damage 35%

and a ton of late tier +skills which make it a decent set, I tend to kind of glance over it however because the bonuses to plus skills arent as favorable and are a waste of mods when you're looking at 5 senses or Infinite Accessories as your endgame setups.

Crow has:

125 Elemental

25% crit

40% All Attack

10% Independent and Magic Attack


Crow has a more favorable stat distribution for a 5 senses setup, however it does have the flaw of having 0 Attack speed and a stupid amount of all attack. I dont know the actual science number, but I am certain 40% All Attack suffers from diminishing returns, including the senses piece that also gives all attack-- but damage wise is comparable if you can provide the missing mods.

Its all dependent on your gear setup and stat distribution. If you're crit starved with no mods, Millenium War Hero will be the better option for you. If you have mods covered and lack Elemental damage, Crow will be the better option.

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every stat except skill attack has 'effective' diminishing returns. all attack is not more or less special than any other stat in that regard. 'ideal' setup would only have all attack on necklace (sparkles) and earrings (babylonian symbol)... both of which arent going to kill the value of all attack gained from crow ceremony. adding dark star to the mix though, certainly does kill its value.

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afaik this is not true unless there was a change I wasn’t aware of between the time I first asked about Murderous Wave post-Infinite Patch (link here: and now. Murderous Wave should retain its crit buff in addition to granting us skill damage, though I could just ask the people on DFON who play kdnf again.

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Could have sworn they eliminated the crit on MW, so that's my bad for not reconfirming that :|a

That makes heavy crit gear even less favorable. Does the crit scale like it does right now? a +10 MW rank would knock you up to 20.8% Magic and Physical crit ontop of skill damage, which means its time to change emblems again (crit capped in dg, crit capped in nature, capped in power plate) — or rearrange SP out of Focus: Magic Critical, which allows you to have a rank 10 Magma Wave – possibilities!

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based on the picture Jay posted, which I’ll repost here :

iirc based on asking kdnf players a lv 20 MW gives around 20% crit like you said - as you can see in the picture a level 10 MW gives 15% ish crit with the additional level giving 0.5%

so asura players should only have to reach 77% town mcrit assuming they have full +10 MW swap.

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Well well look who I found here…

GJ on the info!

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Which skills should I put on the hotkey bar?

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(For some reason imgur is being a bitch and won't accept uploads)

I'm currently using an asura with 6 gracia + GP + Savior Zan + Agnes m stone.

I currently have this sitting around and was wondering if there was a way to mix my Asura out of gracia:

Arges, Magical Rainstorm, CP Bracelet, Cabala's Memory, Samm Jung's Meditation, Lightness Auto Top, Glassy Orb Silk Pants, Spell Burn Shoulders, Pioneer Auto Bottom, Time Defier Armlet, and Stormy Essence.

I also have enough to make one upgraded anton epic =3=…although I'd prefer not to do that, since I still want a savior katana or SS.

PS - What swaps would I be looking for to get +10 on Murderous Wave for the later patch?

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@DOXOlove you should really grab one of the writeups about +10 MW/Bonecrusher and append it to your initial post so people can have a quick reference (and stop asking this question)

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Whatever you despise using inputs for! I know people who hate spirit crescent manuals so they put it on their hotkeys, same for guard, agni, first awakening..etc.

here is my current hotkey bar;


as you can see, I manual both of my buffs and Ancient Memory, Bremen, Drive Slash, Spirit Crescent, First awakening, Agni, Magma Wave, and Vajra.

my recommendation is making custom manuals that have a fast input for Agni, Vajra, and Magma wave. I use inputs like Right + Space, Up-Up +Z, Up-Up +X, etc.

as long as its fast and simple it registers into your muscle memory faster. A lot of my layout came from old nexon DFO where I had backstep on my hotbar etc so my basic setup may not work for some people.

Whatever works for you is honestly the best, as long as your inputs do not take too long to manual!

Sadly, Gracia is going to beat out anything for you until you find specific epic sets. Gracia is ridiculously strong for almost any class that benefits from its light damage boost so Male Nen, Creator, etc will also have the same issue trying to break out of it. If you finish Nature or Mana Vortex you can break out of it, but be warned the MV life is a completely different playstyle!
I'm going to put up a full list in a moment, Mike beat me to it :v

EDIT: Copypasta'd my other post too lmao, I'll add a complete list of swaps later, but most of them are there already!

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Er, next question: I already found a savior zanbato…is it still worth it to save up for a savior short sword? Or are there better ways to spend the 20 soul fragments? (Current accessories are GP).

Recovery of Orphane’s Post on May 1, 2017 at 2:37 AM have better things to do with those soul frags than to get another savior man, esp when your accs are gigantic presence (any one infinite acc probably beats GP)

it might sound tempting but it just ain't worth it

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the 4/5 life is killing me fam. I want to finish these so I can release some gottdang comparisons!

But the tldr here is if you have Dark Gothic you can take your time finishing a 90 set. You wont need or use it over Dark Gothic until you start upgrading a 90 set in luke raid.

Have a Dark Star at refine 6, doing comparable damage to a savior shortsword in certain situations. I'm probably going to use my anton souls to buy a Katana when I can, I'm pretty effn fast already but I still would like a Katana for perfect rotation. I hate 'almost dying because Im slow' during solo nerbe and I know it will get inconvenient in luke raid later. If you want to aim for something Shortsword or Katana are the best options but Id personally prefer a katana!

I lived the savior Zanbato life for a while and I hated it. I was so very slow and when timing is everything on Asura, you had to find ways to make your slow ass'd attack speed work for you.