Do you ever feel outgrown within your own community(ies)?


I just hate playing MMOs and hearing that a majority of players speaking are 16 years old or younger. I keep forgetting about the younger audience even though I’m only 21 myself, but I just feel out of place. The way they interact with me versus how I used to act when I was their age is parallel and it’s just a little depressing. I just feel like that and the basic toxicity of MMOs has gotten to me heavily and has strayed me away from gaming as a whole. Anyone else feelin me on this?


If you feel you’re too mature for gaming, just move on to real life. I certainly feel your way to certain players I have seen, but I have chosen to accept that fact rather than bring criticism onto it. Often all you have to do is take a step back and stop worrying about little things. For example, the prior sentence I purposefully used ‘you’, do you feel accused and angry? You shouldn’t, I’m not blaming you at all, and I don’t know anything about you, that was only advice.

I personally understand that it is perfectly normal for those type of people to exist, so I just let them exist. Personally, ‘toxicity’ doesn’t prevent me from playing, I don’t do what they do, and I don’t feel part of them. I mean, so what if some people are toxic, how does that influence you in any way to the point to prevent you from playing the game?

If it’s megaphones, I never pay attention to arguments, why does it matter at all what they are arguing about, why do you want to forward your opinion to the argument knowing that it won’t matter at all. So what if you win an argument over someone on megaphone, so what if you end up bringing him down and he isn’t responding anymore. Once you close your computer, no one knows who you are, there is no need to care about such little impressions or pride. Of course, if someone wrongfully accuses you of something, you need to send one megaphone back to wash yourself clean. But he will spam it, and what should you do in that case, stare in anger until he stops or spam back? No, take a step back, you’ve explained yourself once, let it go.

If it’s toxic people in raids, you do your part right, don’t act toxic like them in response, don’t try to argue him down, don’t make their mistakes yourself. If the raid fails you can try again or just call it a day. DFO is a character-developing game, you need to spend TIME, which means one failed raid won’t mean anything over hundreds of raids you do over a year.


It’s not that I’m bothered with toxicity, it’s just that I don’t feel like I’m having fun anymore but at the same time, I’m still drawn to a small selection of games. Maybe it’s cause I’m usually playing alone and I have more fun when verbally exchanging with someone and I just can’t do that anymore. I need to spend my time more wisely while I still have the chance, so maybe I should stop gaming as a whole, prolly won’t happen though. It has nothing to do with the toxicity of players because I rarely engage with players anymore. It’s just me and my guild mates but I really don’t speak that often anymore.

I don’t know, I guess I just need to do some soul searching of some sort.