DNFE Usage Guide


Edit June 18 2019: Turns out that this shit still appears pretty high up on Google searches for DNFE. Embarrassing, but I don’t have the heart to delete it entirely.
It’s never getting fixed. Maybe I’ll get off my ass one day and finish the WIP guide below, but don’t hold your breath. I’ve been saying that for literally years now.

To save you the effort of digging through this archaeological disaster, here’s the download for DNFE: MEGA

[WIP updated guide]
(DNFE Guide - Google Docs)
Everything below is old and probably has broken URLs because it was copied over from the old site after Crim forgot to pay the bills and the host dropped our asses.
Images are mostly still relevant though.


To skip this guide entirely, you can try out the English-translated DNFE 2.20.

Due to the methods involved allowing use of 2.20, functions that require access to EXRPG.com are unavailable. This includes avatar merging.

You can find the download post here.

Nekroyd’s guide to getting it working can be found here.

I will not provide any support for 2.20.

One of the biggest issues with DNF Extractor 3.0 is that unlike 2.20, there are no English patches, which means you have to make due with Chinese text all up in your face. For a while, there was a vague post floating around the community that gave some insight, but it mostly involved counting down the menus, which may get tiresome.

This guide was made to prevent the menu counting and to hopefully achieve memorization of the menus through visuals instead.

Download DNFE


Use the RAR download if the executable gets blocked by your browser.​

Firstly, it might help to have an EXRPG account, as some features, like avatar merging, require you to have an account and may require copper from that account. If you don't plan on editing avatars or only need to extra, ignore this section.


Google translate should suffice. Accept their ToS fill out an email. You'll be sent a confirmation URL which will lead you to the rest of the account creation.

Because signing up is now an absolute headache, I have another option. See this post for details.

Spoiler: Logging into DNFE
Now to log in through the extractor. On the upper right, you'll see this.


Click the first option to log in and you'll see this popup.


You won't have a security question by default. If you didn't set one in the account settings, ignore the dropdown menu and don't enter anything in the box.

Here's the main window.

Open File - This will let you pick which NPK or IMG file to open.

Set Output - Set the location that files will save to.

Avatar Database - Pretty much just that. I think this is the function that allows access to other versions' files without actually having them saved but I'm not sure how to use it. Most likely requires copper.

EXRPG - A link to the main site's home page.

One-Key Avatar Switch - Opens another window that allows you to quickly swap avatars with those from EXRPG's avatar simulator URL. [Skip to the bottom of this section for the menus and details.]

Under the sprite list up there in the center of the program, you'll see some checkboxes.

The first on the top row will display the actual coordinates of the sprites. This checks automatically when animating so the sprites animate smoothly, with no jumping around.

The second option will animate the sprite.

The third will change the background color on the display to allow easier viewing of different colored sprites. Click the box and select a color. You have total freedom over color. This will NOT effect exporting.

The first on the bottom row will remove the black from sprites that use black as transparency. It's not great, but it's there for those who lack Photoshop.

The second is a toggleable color overlay that will alter the color of any sprite currently open. This WILL effect exporting. Pure white acts the same as the function disabled.

You should also see the logout button under my avatar in the top right along with Copper count.

NPK filesize can be changed by clicking the filesize number above the IMG list. Since the filesize is usually bypassed through (1), there is usually no reason to touch this. If a file isn't exact, it will overwrite the next time you start up the client unless you bypass. If a file is undersized, it's possible to "fill" the NPK to the exact size by clicking the number. It sets the number automatically.

Spoiler: One-Key Avatar Swap and Avatar Sim Miniguide
This function is based around the avatar simulator hosted at EXRPG, however it requires the use of copper (15). I haven't used it yet myself so I'm not sure whether it will merge everything or simply replace the worn avatars.

The simulator is easy enough to use and I'm sure everyone here has learned it by now with how frequently used it is, but if not, here's the basic layout.

Below Priest and Thief, there's a box that sets the Database (marked here as [KOR]). For us, it'll set to USA automatically because of the IP viewing the website. This must be changed because at this moment in time, EXRPG's US database is still pretty fragmented and the US avatar simulator's database is completely gone. Expect this to change eventually.

Here's the bottom half of the simulator.

Permalink - Allows you to link to the simulator with the current set of avatars selected.

Flash Code - Creates a Flash animation of the current avatar set.

Set List - A list of released sets in the version of the database you're using.

Default Set - Allows you to reset the avatars to the defaults. Base color subclass/awakening avatar sets are included in the dropdown.

Random - Randomizes avatars. There's two options in the dropdown with functions unknown to me. Switching back and forth between the options allows multiple randomizations.

Change Icon Layout - Switches the display method of the avatar icons. By default, it will group avatars by type in groups of 4-5.

The permalink is the one that's used in the One-Key Avatar Swap menu.

Here's the One-Key Avatar Swap Menu.

As you can see, you'll need a before and after code and again, 15 copper from EXRPG.

Spoiler: IMG List and its Dropdown
As before, the IMG list is on the left. Right-clicking an IMG will bring up a dropdown menu.


"Replace" is what you'll want for mostly everything. It replaces a IMG with another.

"Hide all IMGs" will hide all the ticked IMGs in the list.

Add IMG” has an extra function associated with it in relation to file paths. Go here for details.

The first two options aren’t really needed, but are worth an explanation on how to work them. They use no menus. Using the option once will select an IMG and using it again will use that function on that IMG. The “undo” will remove the first selection so you can repick it without changing anything.

Spoiler: Merge Menu
The merge menu. This is where you can merge individual IMGs into one for avatar modding. Merging will no longer consume Copper if the Autosort is avoided, however, an account is still required to merge.

Autosort consumes 1 Copper per layer.


Spoiler: Sprite List and its Dropdown
Getting the IMG list down, we have the sprite list left. This is all the frames and PNG files, as it was before. Like the IMG list, right-clicking a sprite will open a dropdown.


Replace”, “Hide” and “Coordinates” being the important sprite-swapping ones here. With “Save”, “Save all ticked” and “GIF output” being nice for extraction, whether you’re modding or just want the sprites.

Spoiler: Replacement Menu
This is the menu you’ll probably be seeing the most.


Everything here should be clear. For color options, 32, and the pre-selected option will get the job done without dropping sprite quality.

Spoiler: Coordinate Menu
Here’s another common menu, the one for coordinates.


We all avoided the last two boxes in 2.20, so avoid them here as well. I dunno what they do even now.


Currently working on fixing the credits, as my old guide linked to posts, and I don't intend on linking off-site. Bear with me for now.