DnF Winter Festival 2017


and they were all straight up stupid broken so I guess we’ll see how they balance it


Don’t forget the images of the last two sub-classes




Specialist is so out of place compared to the three.


His sword almost looks like the Monado…


I’m sure it’s Hitman who’s outta place, or rather, the inverse of that. Looks extremely normal and not too different from base Gunblader.


He might just be that “canon” subclass that most classes have.

Blademaster/Swordmaster/Striker/Ranger/Crusader/Skirmisher, etc.


Ah yes, the “standardized” class the game wants you to think is canon. lol


That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.


Lol that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw his picture.


Someone on Reddit posted a translation of the director discussion panel.


Gunblader looks awesome


Trouble Shooter look like my new main


85-90 epic buff and beast mode is now on test.


Black Formal 4% -> 10% crit damage per piece!


but they got rid of the phys/mag/ind attack rip


rip what? that set is stupidly strong now. It’s darker dank gothic


imagemy phys attack just wont be as high. I wanted to be higher than nolias 1 day


not possible unless you are dumping your entire bank into it, but by then it is still not possible, since we have better mastery, so the only you will be higher than nolia is when he upgrades to FV while you still on bf, or that you amp 20 everything