Direction of Style


There is a lot of styling that is possible with the new site. In particular, I have two big themes to go with:

Current features that I’m planning on working on:

  • Addressing anything within the Style Bugs/Defects thread.
  • Adding more themes/skins to the Material theme as banners get added.
  • Mobile needs work. Lots of work

However, there’s an important direction that we should take before moving forward on styling much further. I want to talk about how threads and posts are displayed. This is fairly important, since most of the site is going to involve reading posts.

Emphasize Readability

There are many articles talking about the optimum length of lines on a website. Studies point towards a line length of somewhere between 50-75 being the best for readability.

This is reflected as a proof-of-concept in a reading theme. Much of the support for this design and width is supported out-of-the-box on Discourse. Making this fit variable post widths, however, will take some heavy managing.

Possible Features:

  1. Reading-Friendly Mode: Manage character size in relation such that posts are 50~75 characters per line.
  2. Fullwidth: Manage post size to always be a constant percentage of the screen.

In some ways, these aren’t mutually exclusive, but it’ll take a lot of iterations to satisfy both of these requirements at once.

The proofs of concepts are with the default ‘DFO Nexus Material Design [Reading]’ theme and the ‘DFO Nexus Material Theme [FullWidth]’. I’d like to know your thoughts on both of them and use those in order to style DFONexus further.


As far as formatting goes, will we no longer have the ability to to post separate threads?
Say for example, I go class discussion > Male priest > Exorcist, we will no longer being able to post multiple threads within the exo sub-category? It’ll just be one big general thread now?


Feel free to make relevant class threads for specific aspects of the class.

We actually condensed into base classes because everyone simply used the general threads to discuss everything. If people break away from that, then it would make perfect sense to move each class into it’s own main category.


having the recent posts on the homepage by default instead of just the categories (like it was at first) probably increases how many posts are made.


Added it back for now.
We’ll see about resizing it so it’s closer to old Nexus’ recent posts panel.


Not a suggestion, but I am digging the “bookmark” feature my dudes