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Hi, guys. Que Sera, Sera - Happy! appeared to me today in Hell Mode. However, I currently use Newlington Rod (+8 refine) and now I am in doubt as to which of the two weapons is best. My gear in this moment is:

4/5 Crow Ceremony Day Set (Head/Shoulder, Bottom, Belt and Shoes), Full Bright Robe, 2/3 Sensory Satisfaction Set (Bracelet and Ring), Verdil’s Fish Pendant, Worshipful General’s Textbook, Babylonian Symbol and Rosetta Stone. Oh, I have 254 of Light Damage (my highest value in element) in town with Newlington.

With this gear, would it be worth investing in Que Sera, Sera - Happy!?


with that much ele damage, Newlington rod should be better than que sera, however keep que sera in your bank, its too good of a weapon to simply diss it.


I did some tests here and I felt that Que Sera, Sera - Happy! is slightly stronger than Newlington Rod. lol I’ll keep both weapons and do some more testing with other settings at another time. Thank you!


Does anyone have a suggested skill/tp build for this class?


dw’s skill setup is pretty simply really, max all buffs and passive post class advancement and everything post 2nd awakening except delusional/ghost, also max, parastye, positron and spacetime as they’re ur nukes along side ur 1a and everything post 2nd awakening
nyarly should be at an adequate lvl (max but could always afford a few lvls off since shes filler), get mist and tea time, get 10 lvls into leap for its tp to make it a hold and then u want at least 1 lvl in kaleidoscope, skewer and paradigm for holds, also at least a lvl in corridor, silhouette and accident for reposition utility and gauge filling filler and tp should be positron, parasyte, spacetime and obviously leap

rest of the sp/tp goes into wut u want and if u hav a hard time deciding then; laser is good trash/filler, its stoned ver is good for long range snipping, corridor is absolute crap for dmg but maxed with tp is amazng trash mob/room clearer, dont bother with harlequin as its crap all around, paradigm if max actually does dmg on par with a maxed tp parasyte swarm making it stronger then skewer which debunks the bias notion that its incredibility weak though u still hav to channel it, skewer does do decent dmg if u ever choose to throw it out for dmg though decent dmg for it means its about a third or a quarter stronger then a maxed tp and stoned laser, ghost/delusional flame is crap but the extra def can at least mean the difference between being 1 or 2 shoted since u wear cloth, and both kaleidoscope and leap actually does some decent dmg for its cd if maxed (preferably leap if u hav to pick between the latter 2)


How does que sera compare to savior?


I’m guessing that Que Sera is better until you get your hands on upgraded savior. Though I may be wrong, but Que Sera gives too much of a dmg boost. Currently patiently waiting for my Que Sera to drop so I can actually test it. (Already got Savior Rod.)


How is Werry for Dimension Walker? I heard it can be a pain to stack, but the effect seems to be worth it.


It’s definitely not bad, like you said it’s a hassle to keep up. Other 90 Weps are definitely better though. If that’s all you got, use it.


Anyone have a list of items for dw’s buff swap?


-Chron :
1.Professional Outsider 6pcs ( 10% )
2.Green tainted

-Weapon :
1.Legacy / Halidom / Terra +1
2.Incomplete Infinity Piercing +2 ( Epic 85 )
3.Mermaid Flyswatter +3 ( Epic 85 )

-Top :
1.Legacy 45 /50 +1
2.Halidom 45 /50 +1
3.Metal Line Armor +1 ( Epic 90 )
4.War god coat +2 ( PvP )
5.Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth +2 ( Epic 90 )

1.War God Pants +1 ( PvP )
2.Sea God Pants +1( Legend Quest )
3.Bleak Wind Suede Greaves +1 ( Legend 90 )
4.Glassy Orb Silk Pants +1 ( Epic 90 )
5.Imp’s Pumpkin Pants +1 ( Legend 90 )
6.Big Sacrum Gaiters +1 ( Epic 90 )
7.Metal Line Gaiters +1 ( Epic 90 )

-Ring : High tech ring +1 ( Melvin’s Shame feat quest )

-Sub Equiment
1.Time traveller’s silver watch +1 ( Epic 85 )
2.Naavarre’s Insignia +1 ( Epic 80 )
3.King’s Secret Book+1( Unique 60 )

-MagicStone : Solium Fons+1 ( Epic 90 )

-Clone Avatar TOP +1

-Plat emblem +2 ( +3 with unique motion aura )

-Pet +1

-Title +1 / +2 /+3

-Legendary bead (belt ) +1 (15-35 )


What’re the preferred plats and avatar top option?


besides the borderline paranoia top and plats for swapping, i use 2nd awk or SSTH. Plats can be anything you want really.


Anyone know the best epic armor sets for DW? I currently have lv85 Elemental Droppper Set 5pc, I’m not sure if it’s better to use the lv90 3pc armors and mixed epics.

My sets:
4/5 Tactical, Natural Guardian and Plate Range
3/5 Radiant, Millenium, Assassins,Burning Mana, Vortex
2/5 Black Formal, Crow, Eyeshield, Forbidden, Spider

For Accessories and Sub
3pc Ice Princess
Bismuth and Dethroned
3pc Black Border

Weapon im using is Newlington Rod