[DFOG] Events of 12/5: 3000 + α, Blazing Laundromat, and Man vs Robot


Links to Events (with small summary):

3000 + α

Epic road is back, gives 85-90 epics, and comes with free DI to use towards it.

Blazing Laundromat

Laundromat is back, with an option for Female Priests added.

Man vs Robot

Play a guessing game, get damage skins.

Please post feedback specific to events here.

DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition

Hell events looks great. Not sure if I’d call it the best hell event yet (if it has rates similar to p-rift, then maybe), but it’s close. Reddit seems to believe the thing coming the 19th is either a box with a selectable 85 epic weapon, or an epic transfer stone. Really hope it’s the former, as the latter without preemptive warning will lead to a lot of salt over dissing epics that could have been transferred.

Blazing laundromat is…it is what it is. I appreciate it coming back, I just hope the dust clouds don’t take a billion hits this time.

Man Vs Robot is whatever. I wish we got to see the robot store, since I assume it has more than just the damage font in it (would be wasteful otherwise).