DFO sound modding questions 2020


The old method of putting a bracket and a number ex. (1) behind the modded file and then putting it into Soundpacks folder in DFO won’t work anymore, I’ve also tried editing the Audio.xtml file, which lets me change where the game would load the file, in which i directed it to my custom folder ex. it was Music folder, i replaced all \music to \musia aka my custom folder. neither of those method works nowadays, as the audio.xtml will be resetted by dfo when you launch the game. I’ve also tried the old school method, which is to input the files manually after the game has done loading before i press the “play” button, this has only worked for the modding the music and has a nasty nuisance of making your game client reload/replace the modded file each time you reopen the game… Please I need Help on modding the sound as of 2020!! HELP~~~!!


That method is long dead, so you would have to change file names more directly and manually. I think this method shown in the reddit thread (with images) still works.