DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition




Oh, they didn’t put it in one of their update logs…


These dungeons are niiiice even if they’re only per week.


Guess Echon the Strong is kept for Origin. An apt decision.


I just want my passive Muscle Shift man. That’s all.


Haven’t played since early last year. Until I see dragonian and dark lancer I won’t be back.



Holy fucking shit if I actually don’t have to buy an entire package just for one piece anymore… YES.


I wasn’t really all that hype before, but now that you mention it, being able to grab single pieces of a package would be amazing.


Clientside patch is available for download.


did neople sell out global to tencent or something man this is some next level cdnf tier garbage we entering


Man I want those pet artifacts and silver amps but Neople is crazy if they think I’m buying all those packages for them.


I hope to find a level grind hotspot that’s not just Pursuit this time. I remember how lit Bwanga’s Camp was for that. lol


Well, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wait until homogenization for neople to give me back my 1a passive cuz currently I don’t have one


Are chron set effects currently not working with Swap UI? I keep hearing mixed answers.


No kidding. That’s crazy how much they are making them now. It’s just going up and up. I don’t mind spending mon3y on a game to support them but that’s ridiculous


it definitely has to do with avatars now being tradable. IIRC, packages from Nexon DFO were similarly priced to our current one. But I do agree it’s ridiculous to try to make us buy 15 packages.


Man it’s nice to be able to skip all scens when you hit level 90. No more annoying need to clear the questline to be able to unlock hell after hitting level cap.


The fact F.Priest has no skin colors that retain her normal skin color more or less, is disgusting.


Gotta say, I appreciate the increased amount of dialogue, attention to lore, and character dynamics in Origins. Still mad that Lenny dies in Behemoth again…by us this time…

I get a feeling the next reboot/story update is gonna add the cutscene format you get with the “raise your daughter” event.


Almost three years of playing and by god I have to say I still loathe how most classes’ dash attacks don’t have the Basic Attack Cancel property. Only the Fighters can get it through Tiger Chain. And on that note also hate how Fighters’ Tiger Chain doesn’t scale with basic attack like MSlayers’ Thrust. Same goes for Second Uppercut for MPriests.


YO this seriously looks fucking cool as shit. The potential for cool move combinations is so high.