DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition


The last two times we got a mileage reset was for a mega update that came during the month of January. Looks like Neople is keeping this tradition alive.


Plus being a blank slate for the new year.


Really excited for things to come. DFO always gets me so hyped up around this time of year.


For anyone thinking they can use Breath of the Storm and carry Astra to the next room to bypass the Imposter change, it doesn’t work. lol


I don’t see why it would have worked. It’s too bad astra doesn’t assist you on attacks when you attack in demon form though.


I deleted the post about the Origin patch by request of OP (along with the replies) due to the fact that there is no proof that the image is legit. When/If the image is proven to be real, feel free to discuss it here again.


It’s confirmed fake


Yo… did they standardize every character’s item pick-up speed?


Yes they have. It came with the explorer update.


Getting Belial ten times in a row, on Temp Rift, and getting no epics is a good sign to stop for the day.


I wish Neople would add an option to the Training Room to have all proc-able effects of all gear you have equipped to be applied permanently, regardless of duration stated on the item.

It’s very annoying trying to test different pieces of equipment while maintaining something like Gracia 6 pc, which has a billion proc effects that’ll fluctuate your damage.


It would certainly save a lot of time if things like Warlord’s Cry Potion, Ancient Memory, pet swap, and released-
state Savior could be applied if you choose to do so.
Something that I personally never understood is why training room settings (the ones in the game already) get reset whenever you return back to town.


Arad Senki has announced Origin patch on February 27th.

Our content is roughly at the same pace as Arad Senki, so that might be the timetable for it?


seems to be the case, we do have a stream tomorrow. So they might give us a teaser or something.
tho i doubt it


I prefer to just wait and see what neople says rather than get overhyped


I would like to know, because I want to take a break from Dfo until Origin update


The upcoming stream is probably going to have some concrete answers.


DFO really needs a cosmetic pet slot. I never want to take my Petit 2nd pets off my characters even if the Crit Damage becomes redundant… ugh.


Yo, what update added all those new dungeons at Joah Ferrero (Forgotten Land guy)? I’ve been trying to find the patch notes but I’m not having any luck.


Don’t think it got much attention, think it was late november-ish?