DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition


called it. :smirk:


i never whaled on skeleton keys before but Neople is being pretty convincing right now…


Please keep in mind that that the buffswap UI should be coming pretty soon and if you play as a class that does not currently get critical hit rate from a skill, you’re likely to get some from that update. Take that into consideration before investing into Gold Emblems.


so using the excuse I’m going to be crit capped later might as well not be crit capped now works? If anything that means you’ll need to plan ahead with gold emblems so you can use less crit ones when the time comes.


I’m gonna be suprised if mlaunch gets any more crit


why are there no lewd pictures to kick off the general megathread?


Because Jay’s laptop is dead (hence he’s been MIA from translating) and he needs to get a new computer


What do the ancient rare Avas look like on thief ?


Scroll down and all the characters and color options are there.


huh, I was almost tempted to buy one for my F.Slayer, but she has pretty much the same thing -wings…


It ain’t a grave without beautiful flowers.


My perfect streak got ruined by a summer blackout but I’m ready to rock once more. Did I miss much?


Good hell event going on right now so I would suggest you log on and get started.


30 runs 0 drops :thinking:


Been getting one drop per day and got two pretty good ones.


No major upgrades for my SM yet from this event or otherwise. I dreamt I got rosetta stone, which was weird. I usually never have dreams about dfo or getting epics. We will see.
Trying to get some good upgrades to amp on my fpriest before these amp items are expired, so I’m dumping my invites on her right now.


So I just logged on for the first time in a month and got instantly sent to some weird dungeon with a guy named Baristan.

Is that something new with Seria’s Welcome or an event going on?


New thing for Seria’s welcome.


I am now 3/5 on Crow, Golden, and Formal. If only I get get 2 more pieces of either, but that seems highly unlikely.


BetaGo with the only correct number that matters.