DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition


Does the lasso actually need to “hit” you? Once I get home, I think I’ll try the event dungeon on my rogue (who gets like 50% evasion) and see if I can avoid it that way.


The lasso can go past IFrames from what I experienced, sumbitches dragged me outta Lightning Dance. Haven’t tested how effective jumping is against them


Gotta say, the site looks much better right now. Love the use of colors.


Yeah that lasso grabbed me through nen guard, its pretty much dodge or be dragged.


F***! The lassos catch my FRanger from like 10 meters off their Y axis! Is This The Work of an Enemy Stand?!


I just play around with the lasso hitbox while Nicholas + doppels kill everything.

Lasso seems to have a REALLY wide Y-axis and X-Axis, but not as much of a Z-axis as you’d expect. You might be able to jump it consistently (really easy with jump + rising cut).

Playing a class with summons or long-duration hitboxes is definitely the easy way through this event dungeon.


TFW you forgot that the Light sprites shoot Nen Shots back at you…and you die. Good times.


Letting you know, DnF Winter Festival’s next week.


if you run out of the way fast enough the guy just runs to the side of the screen then turns around without even throwing the lasso


anyone have an idea on what the next LT is?
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Since gold seems to be sorta consistent, with the gold chest and gold colored accessories on the two MFighters, I’d wager it’s Gold Emblems. But that’s a stretch. Shit’s weird.


Yo the megathread’s back? That’s fucking awesome.

I haven’t played DFO much since summer but I’m eager to get back into it after this semester ends!


A little ticked that, of all the new costumes FPriest got for Black Friday, they didn’t include Grandis Gracia doppelganger set.


I’m leaning towards gold emblems and new ancient rare boxes hopefully w/ lancer included.


Hm, I wasn’t even thinking about that lancer in the background and what he meant. Neople not forgetting classes/10


144 chances to get metal line pants on my sader :kissing_heart:


Events are up.


Good stuff~


Looks pretty promising. Glad it doesn’t actually use invite, so people who didn’t save DI are good to go.


The event doesn’t use regular demon invitations. You get special invites that you can only use in the new epic road