DFO Megathread- Reunion Edition


Welcome back to the DFONexus Megathread

I’ll edit this post with more specific rules later on, but for now here’s some basic ones:

  • All site rules apply (No spamming, No callouts/attacks, etc etc.)
  • Do not double post or I’ll get pissed (seriously, this should never be an issue)
  • Keep discussion to DFO only. Any site suggestions or feedback should go in its proper section. (Necrofancy will occasionally break this rule because he sucks :rage: )

Other than that enjoy having a megathread again.



as requested


Aye it’s back! So, how about them DFO events. :smirk:


I’m actually enjoying the current set of events. Proud of Neople to be able to create an event completely on their own.

Its also nice because it feels like the rewards are more tailored to our economy as opposed to some of the events that are copied straight from kDnF or cDnF


Emphasizing this for adjustments to the site.


Well this was quick. lol


I’m honestly amazed we never had a thread like this ever since this site came up.


New event dungeon plays like an escort mission. It’s honestly not hard as long as you have AoEs. I actually nearly lost two stars, but still got 10 as a reward, so it’s fairly generous and I highly recommend it if the first dungeon is still too difficult.


I accidentally entered on my base lancer and cleared with 0 stars and only got 1 as a reward. :unamused:


I still remember the other escort mission that we never ever had stateside, but you know, we were still Nexon DFO at the time. :disappointed:


The events at the moment are fine. I just haven’t had much time to do them. Also, feelsbad to be broke on black friday dfo.


Holy shit it’s back.

The events are decent, appreciating how much effort went into all of the Wild West stuff. Getting a Wild Guns game in DFO was a big surprise, enjoyed the shooting mechanics.

That package though, hoo boy. MFighter’s top, shades and pants are delish.


I entered the escort mission with my under geared E.bomber … never again. I want to like the “Into the fire” dungeon more if only the controls wasn’t so stiff. But this event is nice, nice rewards and mini games.


Ayyy, welcome back.

Being dragged to the room entry by those lasso’s was one of the funniest shit I’ve experienced in this game.


REEEEE lasso op

But yeah I am much happier with the second dungeon, it might be slow, but atleast its dfo. I aint wanna play no more wild guns.


My first run was on a base lancer, I got caught by the lasso so many times. :cowboy_hat_face:


That lasso has an deceptively large and long-lasting hitbox.


i just move down whenever I see it. I do have to hesitate before moving back up though, because like way too many projectiles, the hit box sits there for a good five hours.


Abusing this for a bit:

I’m lowering the “top menu” list to just include:

  1. Categories
  2. My Posts
  3. Latest
  4. Unread

Let me know if you used the other ones. (e.g. read, bookmarks)


Using my m.striker now for the second event dungeon for his super armor to avoid the bullet hell… until the lasso god comes to collect me.