DFO ExStream 12/14/17


Tis the season to be jolly… and goof off with Mj, Danjun, and Gerri getting ready for the Christmas spirit! Tune in to our ExStream this week! We have LOTS of exciting update news and events to share with you! :santa::snowman_with_snow:️:snowflake:️

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 18:00
EDT(Thu): 21:00

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Confirmations from this stream:

Coming on Tuesday:

  • The remaining Knight subclasses Guardian Angel and Dragonborn will be released. Guardian Angel demonstration here. Dragonborn demonstration here.

  • The Awakened Ones avatar set will be released for the new Knight subclasses. Guardian Angel looks like this. Dragonborn looks like this. On the note of avatars, the Christmas 2015 avatar set will be re-released and includes this pet. Looks like this. Snowman avatars may be added too, with Lancer and Female Priest included.

  • Leveling event. Up to two characters can participate. Every 10 levels you get a box of rewards to help boost your leveling.

  • Honey Time will be updated, items given will be aimed at helping you level up.

  • Christmas event, similar to 2015 one. Optimal dungeon monsters drop socks. Hang them on the tree and return the next day for rewards. Tree also gives daily rewards. Socks can also be used to buy future unknown rewards. Channel wide buffs will be applied on Christmas and January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to provide a better chance at upgrading unique items. The town will also be covered in snow with decorations.

  • Blitz rewards on Christmas and New Years. Just log in and receive it on those days. Don’t forget!

  • 12 Days of Epic Christmas event. A level 85 epic weapon transfer stone will be a mission event reward. This does not include savior weapons. To get it, there will be 12 daily missions. You can use the reward currency to purchase the stone to use. UI looks like this. After each mission a button lights up for that day and played a piece of caroling for that day. The full carol will be posted later.

  • Web event, where players can submit a guide. It can be in any format. There are three topics: newbie guide, leveling guide, and raid guide. There are some restrictions: must be over explorer level 14, and your account must be created before September 1st. Event goes on until January 30th, 2018. There be very special rewards. Epic themed aura. Special damage font. A random DFO figure. Also a special reinforcer statue.

In the future:

  • They’re looking into re-releasing The Awakened Ones avatars again for all classes in the future, along with adding older avatars. They encourage players to speak up about what avatar sets in particular they want. Let them know! Also MJ reminded players that he’s still working on the avatar space issue.

  • The auto-swap equipment UI is coming soon.

Other notes:

  • Christmas stream!

  • Tagging and sharing event on their Facebook page soon. New TAO package for the Knights and pet are rewards.

  • There’s an ongoing Instagram event on now that ends really soon. Rewards include a supporter title, 10 hell party tickets and 10 days of NeoPremium.

  • There will not be an ExStream on December 28th.

Playback of the stream here.