DFO ExStream 09/14/17


Ladies and gentlemen, the return of the master of GBL- MJ! Tune in the ExStream this week to catch up with MJ, and participate in stream exclusive events! :heartpulse:

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 19:00
EDT(Thu): 22:00

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[Check out MJ’s comeback video here]


The image literally says 22:00


I just copied it from their Facebook post. Seems they messed up too. Thought 30 mins was their setup time or something.


Confirmations for this stream.

Coming on Tuesday:

  • Luke Raid will be releasing. Trailer here. Guides for this raid can be found here by JKRowlling, and here by Jedi. Luke Raid will take place on Thursdays and Saturdays due to maintenance taking place on Tuesdays.

  • Event with Luke Raid. The faster parties that clear Luke Raid within the event time get special auras, and a custom title with your name in it. The aura looks similar to Luke’s shield that requires multi-hits to break. Runs will be reviewed by the DFOG team to prevent fraudulent winners. Further details unknown.

  • Tamagotchi-like event. Raise the adventurer in the minigame by getting items from optimal level dungeons and feeding it them. It sounded like we can give the adventurer equipment, and the quality of the equipment reflects what level dungeons it can be sent out to. Rewards not mentioned.

  • Some older avatars for Male Priest, Female Gunner, Thief and Male Fighter will be added.

  • Lost Treasures will be updated. A hint will be up on their Instagram soon.

In the future:

  • They reminded players about the streamed PvP tournament over the next three days, where the top four placements will go to Korea in November to compete in the finals. Details here. List of contenders here.

  • A special event will take place on the 26th. Gerri said that we’re going to love it.

  • MJ said that they plan to speed up their old avatar release speed.

Other notes:

  • MJ was rehired as DFOG’s designer! He’ll also be on ExStreams again from here on.

  • They reminded players that there will be a tagging and sharing event on their Facebook for the Luke Raid news.

  • They also reminded players that there is an ongoing event on their Instagram where you can win a supporter title, 10 hell party tickets and seven days of NeoPremium.

  • They mentioned that their Account History page is now available on their site.

  • The next ExStream will be in three to four weeks, due to an upcoming Korean holiday.

Playback of the stream here.


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