DFO ExStream 02/22/18


Hello Adventurers! It’s been a while, but there will be an EXSTREAM this week :heart: A BIG update is coming soon, and we’ll be talking about it in detail, so come join us and ask us any questions! :wink:

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 18:00
EDT(Thu): 21:00

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Confirmations from this stream:

Coming on Tuesday:

  • We will be getting the Origin patch. Small video promo here. This will include the Buff Swap and Explorer Club Friends systems, balance updates and a new Echon dungeon + Echon changes. You can see some of the major balance changes here. Other Origin patch information here, here, and here. Good write-up here as well. Also, please make note of the content getting removed or changed. MJ stated that during the previous translations, a lot of flavor text that featured lore was lost on items. This patch should restore them.

  • We’ll be getting the “Welcome to Hell” set avatar package. Preview here. Also with a Belial pet. Will include a potentially +3 skill title. It must be enchanted to reach +3 however. Package also includes an avatar aura. Includes weapon avatar too. The avatars themselves will be stored in a box that you can save, as a result of being unable to expand avatar inventory limits currently. Multi-purchase rewards requirements will be adjusted, and will include a never before seen creature artifact that reminds us of last Christmas. Advanced clones from avatar packages will come in tradable packs instead of untradable ones also.

  • Avatars will be tradable from now on and will be able to be listed on the Auction Hall. Previously owned avatars will be untradable for the time being however. This is a technical issue. This was a very last minute decision and could be changed in the near future.

  • Leveling event. All characters allowed. You get rewards for hitting level goals as you go. You can obtain a full chronicle set through the event.

  • Are You a Professional Aradian? event. You get a list of missions to do, which are very time consuming. Example given by MJ - spend 70k fatigue points. Reward is “worth it” and “really huge”. Includes a unique aura. Also this first awakening replacement cut-in. One person on the DFO team has accomplished this event.

In the future:

  • Next stream will give details on the next anniversary event, and will be held on either Monday or Tuesday rather than their usual time. A special something will be added by MJ this patch.

Other notes:

  • The patch notes may not be on Monday like usual, they want to ensure all of the data provided is accurate and want to take extra time to do so.

  • They mentioned the Share Your Expertise! contest winners on stream. They were really appreciative of all of the entries and the effort shown on each. Congrats to all the winners!

  • They reminded players of the Instagram event ongoing where you can win a supporter title by screenshotting when you find Jetty.

  • Tagging and Sharing event for the Origin promo will be on their Facebook page later today.

  • They wanted to let the players know they listened to the event poll previously held on Facebook and will do something with that information soon.

  • Gerri wants to do something a little different this year. You can post on their Faceook page for some random statistics, and Gerri will try to look them up for you.

  • The Explorer Club Name GBL is taken by MJ.

Playback of the stream here.