DFO ExStream 02/01/18


There’s an EXSTREAM this week​:heavy_heart_exclamation:️ We’ll be talking about the next update, as well as even more exciting stuff about the future so come hang out with us! :wink:

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 18:00
EDT(Thu): 21:00

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oh valentines… hah hah hah ya


Confirmations from this stream:

Coming on Tuesday:

  • Arad Ball event will be making a return. Rewards will be changed weekly and are supposedly pretty sweet. This event was at the DFO 2nd Anniversary for reference here. Gerri noted that we should pay attention to the numbers that are given by the NPC this time around however.

  • Event based on a Thief lady. Robin Hood style and has a little story with it. She appears in optimal level dungeons and gives you event materials and items. Use these materials to buy items from an event NPC in Seria’s room. Female Priest ponytail avatar will be obtainable from the reward shop from this event.

  • Valentine’s Day event. They say it’ll be very familiar to us. They mentioned that it’ll be similar to last year and involving chocolate, so reference here.

  • MJ set up an event where players vote on which avatars they want to see return from the past. This is only round one, there will be multiple rounds of voting with more avatar sets. With these old avatar sets, they will not include classes that were not released at the time the avatars were. Keep this in mind when voting.

  • Lost Treasures will be updated. Hint on their Instagram soon. Gerri said one item will be completely new, not just to DFOG. Also said the hint will be hard.

  • Item of the Month will be updated.

In the future:

  • They shared on their Facebook and on stream that there will be a huge update on February 27th and will reveal more information on it every Friday as it comes closer. Today revealed that the patch will include the Buff Swap UI and Explorer Club Friends menu. Note that you will have to choose an Explorer Club Name before you’re able to do much else when you log in after this patch, and after naming it you cannot change it. You can also see behind the Swap UI example box an area that is exclusive to the Origin update, heavily implying that it will come with this patch.

Other notes:

  • They went over the Knight fanart contest winners on stream. Congrats to the winners!

  • They mentioned that there is an ongoing Instagram event where you can win a DFO Supporter title.

Playback of the stream here.


Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah! I hope I wasn’t the only one who suggested Arabian Knights.