DFO ExStream 01/18/18


Its that time of the week again- EXSTREAM :heavy_heart_exclamation:️Come hang out with us on Thu/Fri for update news and events!

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 18:00
EDT(Thu): 21:00

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All I want to see is swap U.I. confirmed.


Same! I’ve been getting my swaps ready for most of my characters.


I hope it comes with Origin too


Given it seems to be a tradition to have huge patches in January, I can’t see them just having buff swap for this month. If we do get only a fraction of Origin, I can’t see us not getting the skill changes, but I can easily see them holding off on map changes and especially lancers.


Confirmations from this stream:

Coming on Tuesday:

  • We’ll be getting the Invasion of Proga event dungeon. Trailer here. You can watch them do a demo run through the dungeon here. Rewards include a rare clone avatar that you can purchase by clearing this dungeon. There is a guild dungeon version that you can run with guild members to get gems to put into your insignias.

  • There’s a request event associated with this event dungeon. Collect materials from Honey Time or optimal dungeons and look at a hint in the event UI in orange text and put in the gems into the slots in the event UI based on the hint. Creature box Reward. Creature stats screencapped.

  • There will be an avatar package themed with the event. You can view alternate colors, pets, and auras and weapon avatars included in the package on the Arad Senki avatar page here. Don’t expect to get the same stats of the items on that page however. It should be noted that in the Buy One Buy More event with this (Buying multiple sets), you can get this tradable aura - it includes a platinum emblem slot. Aura stats screencapped. Avatar package aura stats screencapped.

  • They reminded players that mileage will be resetting on January 23rd. Be sure to use it all by then!

  • New Honey Time rewards will be given.

In the future:

  • Swap patch UI coming Soon™.

  • “Next next update,” they’ll do a Neople group vote and decide which other region exclusive avatars and event associated with it to bring over to DFOG.

  • MJ - “Something magical happen sometime this year.” Seemed pretty excited about it, but can’t give details.

Other notes:

  • The guide submission event is currently ongoing. You can win unique in-game prizes and and real world merchandise by submitting a guide. Details on the event page.

  • The Knight fanart event on their Facebook page is ongoing. You can see the rewards and details on their Facebook event page.

  • They reminded players about the survey asking players which events of 2017 they liked and disliked. They encourage players to choose based on the events themselves rather than the rewards that come from them.

Playback of the stream here.


They’re thinking of another DFOG exclusive event? Oooooo boy. Although, they should just add the Alvion set. Victorian England is just right up our alley.